Friday, January 2, 2015

Freshening things up

                                  We are in the dead of winter.


                               But where is all the snow?

It must be winter because it's so darn cold out there but we are missing the pretty white stuff. I don't think it will be long coming, though. Sunday we are expecting a snow-storm all across Ontario. Then it should warm up some.

I'll just have to play with some white dishes today, I guess. I freshened up my step-back for the new year. My pottery is now packed away in a container ready to be moved when the time comes.

White is a colour that is calming and makes me think of a fresh start.

We have twelve new months ahead of us and it's up to us to make the best of them.  I'll not even bother with a resolution this year. I know I never stick to them so I just try to live my life with a good balance of healthy eating, millions of cups of tea, exercise and time for fun and family. Everyone has picked a word for the new year so I will go with 'health.' Perhaps drinking more water will be an easy start to any positive change and, of course, walking as much as possible. It's easy for me and I've always done that. I'll just do what I always do since I didn't fall on my face too often in 2014. :-b

Lily is doing better but I am keeping a close eye on her food intake and her litter-box business. I have found such a change in her this past year after she lost Ed. She is thinner and less interested in things around her. She sleeps an awful lot but she is 19 this year so that is very normal. She does appreciate Annie's efforts to keep her company but I doubt it feels the same to her. How anyone can think that animals do not feel the emotions that we humans do;  love, friendship, devotion & loss, is beyond me. Please keep her in your thoughts. She's a darling cat and we love her so much.

Well, the sunshine calls and it's time for a good long walk. Better put on the woolies 'cause it's a cold one.

Stay toasty,


  1. Sweet Lily. She's such a gentle soul.

    It certainly is a cold one out there today.

  2. I have been following your blog for quite some time but have not commented very often. I love your blog, love animals of all kinds but cats, dogs,and horses and the deer that roam our property melt my heart. YES, definitely, animals do have emotions and love us as much as we love them. Their devotion is amazing. Lily is a beautiful cat and knowing you are her Mom I know she will be well cared for. Happy New Year.
    Barb from PA

  3. Deb, beautiful pics... as usual. But I don't envy your packing. I don't even want to put away the Christmas stuff. And as for Lily, I'm sure she is getting the best of care (as is our Molly) and enjoying what time she has left by being spoiled rotten... by both the other cats as well as the humans in the house.

  4. My thoughts and heartfelt best wishes are with you and Lily. Have a nice walk, Deb.

  5. Your orange kitty photos make my heart sight.

    Sending kitty pets to Lily -- I hope she recovers all the way.

  6. I didn't officially choose a word for the year but 'health' is mine also. No major resolutions just plans to eat healthier, move more and stress less! I think of Lily often as she is such a dear lady and I know she misses her Ed. I hope the ferals are staying warm. Charlie is hanging close to me these days.

  7. We are to get mostly rain on Sunday down here and Saturday a snow rain mix , it is this cold with dampness that I don't like it makes me ache ! yes lots of cups of tea going here to and the fireplace !! I hope Lily feels better soon . I am not one to make resolutions never have been but always trying to keep things on the healthy side ! Thanks for sharing , lovely photos . Have a good weekend and stay cozy in this rotten weather to be !

  8. I think it's a brilliant idea to replace the white of snow with the white of dishes!

  9. I want snow! Send me some when it comes!

    I totally agree about the animals...they are so much smarter than we realize...more complex, and they do have feelings!

  10. Where is all the snow?It's flipping well here!
    Jane x

    1. Oh, and you're not that far from me. I guess it's on it's way. Stay toasty, Jane.

  11. That first picture is so cute. I hope Lily will be alright. It's cold here as well. We had snow early in November but none lately. Love snow. Happy New Year.

  12. Aged kitties are always in our prayers because we love them so!
    Store your cherished fine china and glass in a climate controlled area. I had my beautiful antique cut crystal punch bowl and stand on my enclosed porch. Our temps are usually in the 60'sF days and low 40'sF at night. We had a hard freeze for 3 hours last night- 3 hours at 31F - and when I picked up the bowl this morning, it came apart in my hands! 18 inches in diameter it was and well over a quarter inch thick it was.
    Couldn't believe what happened. I'm heartbroken. Don't let this happen to you.

  13. Hi Deb, I certainly am glad I found your blog (through John) and will continue to visit. Yours is the second post I've seen since New Years Day where a word is chosen [for the year] I'll be posting about "my" word soon too. My thoughts and prayers are with Lily. Blessings Jo

  14. I know one thing... she couldn't be in a better spot than being loved and cared for by you, Deb.

    I love. love. love. the beauty and serenity of white. Just beautiful.

    I'm about to pull on my walking clothes, too. Happy walking! blessings ~ tanna

  15. Sending purrs to Lily, how sweet that Annie is trying to be her friend!

  16. Oh, I absolutely believe that animals feel the same emotions as we do! You can just see it in their eyes sometimes. My Stormy is one smart kitty and she is so easy to read. I think she understands most every word we say.

    I will keep Lily in my thoughts as I know how much a beloved pet is like one of the family. They ARE family!

    Have a nice weekend and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  17. Ohhh love the kitty photos!! It breaks my heart to think of your kitty being so sad-- people that don't have pets might not realize how it is that they have emotions too. I know you are giving her lots of extra love:)

  18. We've had considerable evidence over the years that our cats really do make special bonds with some of their feline housemates--and obviously miss them when they depart this life. I daresay they 'forget' quicker than do we humans who continue to miss them.