Wednesday, January 21, 2015


"Please...don't anyone move a muscle.
What you are witnessing is a rare moment.
And....I need to dust.
And....I don't need (or want) her help.''

and maybe a little snack without her face in it. That would be appreciated, too.

I hope you tried the muffin recipe on my previous post. They are the cat's meow. *smile*

It's has become cold again in Ontario. The weekend coming looks warmer so I'll head out to the property on Friday and fill the feeders. My new feeder gives me a few extra days of not worrying about the property birds. The tracks, where food is put down for the ferals, identified a few hungry species last night. Rabbit, possibly fox, many birds and one cat track coming from the bush showed clearly in the snow. Everything needs food.

The mouse-house is coming along at break-neck speed now. The retired-guy has been out there helping where he can every day. Unfortunately, until it warms up a bit, the siding will have to wait. I'm told to start preparing to move so I guess I'd better get more bins.

Stay Toasty,


  1. How exciting; I can't wait to see the 'mouse house' all dolled up!

  2. I wish you lived closer to me so I could come steal muffins from your kitchen!!

    Glad the mouse-house is moving along. I'm getting a little tired of this cold. It's not making barn chores any easier.

    Audrey looks like an innocent angel here, and we all know that's a dream! ;)

  3. Hope the cat nap lasted a good long time! Happy packing!

  4. Cute kitty photo! When I'm eating, Tuppence wants to be right beside me, or better yet, in my food (which I do not allow), but it is scary because she is a sneezer. Believe me, it's a little risky to eat around her. Keep those kitty photos coming. :-)

    HeHe! Oh! Well....Perhaps later...! Bless!x

  6. Oh how I love her precious little sleeping face! I am going to make the muffins today!
    Miss always make me smile!

  7. Deb, good luck with your packing up. Hope the cats don't get too upset. Ours don't like it when we pull out the luggage or do a big clean-up and start moving things around. Try to stay warm!

  8. I have someone who tries to share my snacks also! Naps are good!

  9. LOL! I had to laugh when I read "without her face in it". Having a cat and being an animal lover I can so relate. Great post.

  10. Audrey looks so sweet and innocent when she's sleeping!

  11. It's no wonder you have such a popular blog. You are so warm and inviting. It's like enjoying a cup of tea right there with you and the kitties.

  12. Aw, sweet Audrey! I know what you mean about 'Everything needs food'...I watched a skunk waddle it's way from my yard to the neighbor's last night, while Patty O'Malley my outside kitty watched in fascination or was locking on for a fight...couldn't tell which...but once the skunk was well into the other yard, Patty resumed his chirping at me to get some more scritches. I am glad the skunk v. cat throwdown did NOT happen!

  13. Sssttt let her sleep Deb! Here in Holland a litttle frost bust not much winter and ik hope we get some winter soon .When Audrey is wake up give her a hug from me .She is so beautiful!!

  14. Cute kitty! Your muffin with butter sound delicious..I just had to fill up my feeders, we having getting a little snow storm and the birds are flocking to feeders.. Have a happy day!

  15. So restful and innocent she looks while sleeping...

  16. Oh exciting? Or terrifying? Not sure which at this point!
    I hope I didn't wake Audrey...I know she loves to dust!! Send her over here! hahaha!
    Enjoy your day...
    Miss V napping...shhhh!
    Linda :o)

    1. That's exactly how I feel about now, Linda. Excited and terrified. That shall pass with time, I'm sure. Onwards and upwards. :)

  17. Adorable photo -- and good news on the house! You know, Lizzie seems to get all over me with peppermint ice cream and cheezits. I don't think she much likes either and she's never fed at the table... how does she know?

  18. All the animals must be so thankful for the food you leave for the ferals. That is quiet an assortment. They would say Thank you if they could - so I am.


  19. I smile before I even start reading because I know you are going to say something clever and funny ... and you did:) Love coming over here. So glad I found you ... this is an adorable post and you have such a big heart ... I love the animals and birds too so I enjoy what you are doing for them. I am on the run tonight ... class with my dog :). Will be back again another day ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  20. I do so know how you feel ! I creep around when my elderly little lady is asleep too, she just wants to sit on my lap all the time and doesn't understand that I do have things to do bless her ! and I feel guilty if I have to move her.
    Love your blog, just joined.

  21. Those precious moments is what I look forward too with our three new additions. Kittens are a handful, but I keep telling myself they'll grow out of it...they will won't they?? BTW, loved your muffin recipe, XOXO

  22. Sleeping beauty. =) I love your treats and that little butter knife is just wonderful. It would make me smile just to sit and see before enjoying that nice cup of tea and muffin. Have a wonderful day, Deb. blessings ~ tanna

  23. Hi Deb! Oh, what a sweet looking little fuzzy face! So sleepy! Your muffin looks yummy and love how the sunlight is shining down on it. Thank you for your sweet comments and I'm not really strong. I break quite often.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Audrey is an amazing little girl, I love her took so much. Even when she sleeps her facial expression is mesmerizing.