Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Waiting on Spring and more on those delightful Chickadees

Spring flowers
                         can chase away the winter blues.

And it's still very wintry in our area. Snow on the ground, frigid temperatures (red nose) but lots of sun-shine to make it tolerable. 

Kane and I were out feeding the birds again today. If you notice the suet holder it is just about empty. It held four of my suet cakes. Time to make more for those hungry blue-jays. When we pulled up in the car today there was one hanging off the cage. They are so fast to disappear, though.

this photo made me laugh. Lesson to all you not hold camera up for a silly selfie where shadow can be seen in photo) :-b
You can see that we don't have a lot of snow right now; just enough to cover the ground. It will be February before we know it and that, being a short month, will most likely fly by. I can't wait to smell and hear Spring in the air.

The feeders were active with black-capped Chickadees today. 
I read (yes, I'm doing a lot of that lately) that Chickadees tend to stay around if you keep their feeders full. They actually will live in your trees all year not wandering too far from 'home'. Attaching houses right to the trees will encourage them to nest come Spring. Providing nesting material such as short pieces of string, wool or pet hair can also attract nesting Chickadees. "Hell...I can do that."
Audrey is so willing to shed just for the birds. 
So, knowing it's the same Chickadees every day that hang around the feeders and entertain us with their familiar song, makes feeding them all that much more attractive. Now, if I could just tell them apart. :)
Here is a link to information on attracting them to your yard.

"'re awfully quiet. What are you doing?" 

"oh, she's such a bother. Can't I just nap (and shed) in peace?"

Stay toasty,


  1. One of my favorite first signs of spring is how the birds are singing. They don't seem to do much of that in the winter. So fun to hear them even through the closed windows!

    You're going to find a cat hair birds nest in the trees some days. ha.

  2. Love you in your scarf all bundled up!
    Chickadees are the sweetest little birds...
    You'll have them eating out of your hand, once you move in!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  3. The chickadees are quite cheerful to have around.

    Audrey looks so totally content.

  4. I love the chickadees, they are so cute! We only have the Carolina Chickadee here and sometimes an occasional Black-capped shows up. Napping Audrey is a sweetie..Have a happy day!

  5. It takes a lot of energy to provide nesting material!! ;) Chickadees are so sweet. I know they appreciate your attention to their needs. blessings ~ tanna

  6. I put my yarn scraps into the garden for the birds (and dare I say -- other critter!!!) nest building. I'll have to start saving the cat hair!
    Hugs and purrs.....

  7. Audrey, you're shedding already???
    I know Deb is anxiously awaiting the first breath of Spring, but there's bound to be lots of cold weather still coming.
    You don't want to get cold!
    OK, I hear you. You have plenty of warm blankies.

  8. What a lovely picture of you Deb! A beautiful winter day with sunshine! You manage to capture the sweetest napping photos!

  9. Our chickadees tend to follow us around...they know who puts out the food!
    Jane x

  10. Love that paw! We have tons of chickadees - and sparrows! I think we must have over 30 sparrows who call our trees and bushes home. I love the chickadees best, because they are so small and brave and will flutter about your head when you are refilling the feeders. I leave the wool scraps from my sheep shearing out for the birds in spring. Might be warm for summer, but toasty for winter!

  11. Loving those little Audrey toes! So precious.


  12. I was feeding chickadees with the seed feeder ...but, then, too many freeloading sparrows just took over. Poop on everything because they hang around alllllll day..... so I tried cutting it way down and only put it out late in the day...when the sparrows are already gone and only chickadees are left ..and, they come early in the morning before the sparrows at least they got some. But, now I took it down... can't stand it am feeding the chickadees by hand..and, even getting them to l and on my hand...what fun! I hope it will be a bit easier and I can get some better pics soon.... I can't seem to hold seed and focus or hold the camera still enough yet.... I'll get it!

  13. Oh, I too can't wait to smell and hear spring in the air! It looks really cold there.