Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Enjoying the sun with a new tea.

It is a busy day at the mouse-house. The retired-guy was there early to lend a hand finishing the interior of the building and signing for our order from Ikea for the kitchen cupboards. Now that the apt. is insulated it will be fun to put these pieces together. We really like the cupboards and shelves we chose and you can't beat the price.

The sun is out in all it's glory. Sun-puddles are being worshiped today all through the house.

Some cats prefer the couch and some prefer the window seats.
(Do you see the little tea-pot in the background to the right? I'll tell you the story on that soon.)

But, it is frigid out there. Everything has turned to ice.
It is impossible to walk a 14 year old dog in this weather. The roads and sidewalks are full of chunky ice and your footing is very unpredictable. I can't take a chance with him as a fall could be very serious for him. He sits around the house, moping and bored but there is little I can do for him. A combing, lots of pets, a hardy lunch and a few extra snacks will get him through another cold, wintry day. We'll get out again on the first nice day. Perhaps a drive in the car is on the agenda this afternoon.

Of course, being 'National Hot Tea Month' I would like to introduce a new tea to me. It was a gift from a friend at Christmas and turns out it is an amazingly delicious blend. It is a black tea from South Africa called...
It is delicious.
These are two books I am presently reading. 

It is a smooth black tea that goes well with milk if you prefer it that way.

My tea company today was Joe. Or, as Audrey likes to think, Big Bad Joe. But he is one of the most charming felines I have met and full of personality. Or would that be 'piss and vinegar'. Whatever...I love him. For those who are new here, Joe is my daughter's cat that is living with us presently along with his buddy, Rae-Rae. When we move, they will be staying at the old house.

I found this little box tucked away in a cupboard and will ship the tea-cup and saucer in it to it's new home. It's a good sturdy box and will help it to arrive without damage. And since tea is just so darn good for you....I snuck a bit in with the gift.

The winner of the give-away will be announced tomorrow. Just leave a comment here if you are interested.
Stay toasty,


  1. Oh my gosh your lunch looks so good. And the company superb
    I hear you about the cold, nothing like a mellow cup of tea is this a breakfast tea?
    I am a new person I have just trapped neutered released two of them into my garden where they are my wards and now socializing their kittens for adoption I have two friendly and two who are cute as bugs but I cannot touch them yet any suggestions?

  2. The tea sounds wonderful and I do love milk with most of my teas. Your "tea" cup is so perfect and your lunch looks delish!

  3. I saw the tea pot but was more interested in the picture of Joe. So cute looking thru the window... He looks so much like my Badger. Except Badger's black coloring goes all the way to his nose. When he was a kitten he looked just like a
    Badger, hence the name Badger, but now he looks like Sylvester, lol... Lunch looks great! Whoever wins the pretty tea cup is a lucky so and so, lol....

  4. Hi Deb! I was not aware of your give-away, but that box is adorable...
    And I too found a new loose tea this Christmas that I love and its from Africa too I believe. It's "white chocolate peppermint"... a Rooibos tea.

  5. Your kitties are all adorable.. They look very relaxed.. The icy streets and pavements are awful for walking.. Take care, have a great evening..

  6. Joe is such a character, and whenever we see Rae-Rae, she's a real beauty. Poor Audrey, can't get along with Joe....

  7. I can't get over how much Joe looks like Domino! So fun. We had sun today, was a welcome sight. Icy cold out, though!

    We put Ikea cabinets, sink and quartz counters in our new kitchen last October. I love everything still...such nice stuff! Can't wait to see yours!

  8. Well I've been a Rae Rae fan from way back and Joe seems pretty cool also. Miss Audrey is just use to being the 'spunky' one I think! That tea looks so good! It's so cold and rainy here, I'm ready for a cup of tea and some reading with Charlie curled up next to me!

  9. My Izzi (a six year old dog) wants to commiserate with Kane ... she hates having to stay inside too. She can go out for a short period of time with "boots" on, but it is just too cold to stay out long. So, we play tug-a-war and she also has soft frisbees we can throw in the house. She loves the games, but it isn't really enough. I can tell when she goes to agility class that she has all kinds of stored up energy to spend. Hopefully it will warm up enough to make it safe for Kane and you to go outside again.

    Now, I would like to sit down to lunch with you. Your meal looks absolutely delightful and it is making me hungry. I am not as much of a tea drinker as my Mother was. In nursing coffee is what you need. I learned to drink it cold because I never poured a cup I didn't have to walk away from to care for a patient. You are tweaking my interest with your interesting teas though ... maybe I'll get back into some healthy tea drinking. Thanks for the boost in the right direction. Enjoy your week, Deb ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  10. You're such a good pet mom. I wish I could find someone I know with an apartment I could rent that wasn't part of a complex. Can't do stairs due to the ankle though.

  11. Coincidently I was gifted a tea from EAST Africa this Christmas. It also is delicious. It is Kenyan black tea with organic bergamot oil. Really flavourful! Our Levon sounds a bit like Joe. Levon likes to give Esme a hard time but is otherwise very charming and a "Mama's Boy"! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  12. That is great you had sunshine today! Lovely for all!
    And I hope soon the weather is better for Kane's walks and I do understand ice and an older dog. I bet he enjoyed his car ride though if one happened.

    Love to you all,

  13. Wow ! You got really superb sunbeam ! Enjoy tossing yourselves !
    Your tea box is so cute !
    If you don't mind oversea enter, I would love it for my mom :)

    Ps : me live in Australia

  14. What time is lunch tomorrow?
    Can't wait to see inside the Mouse House!
    Linda :o)

  15. What a wonderful looking lunch! Poor Kane -- I know what you mean when you speak of the frigid and the ice. Keep those pets and combings coming. And keep cozy!

  16. A car ride is perfect for Mr.Kane, Safe. warm. entertaining, and most of all, one to one time with mum!
    I'm mad for Joe! I think he's just adorable!

  17. How cats always find the sun puddles. What a debonair gent Joe looks. My heart did a double take when I saw your SA tea. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  18. I love your blog and the tips for senior kitties. I think the teacup is adorable!

  19. Am I too late for your give away, just love the box you are sending them in. xxx

  20. I love you much you love kitties, birds, your family, the beauty of the earth, tea and remind us to love simple things. Thanks for brightening my days. (PS--on a selfish note, I'd love to win the delightful teacup and box!!) Hugs--Nora in CT

  21. I love my kitty's also and kiss them frequently. Not sure if they understand but they sure get our love. Even hubby has been seen kissing a cat! One is an indoor cat 100% but the other was always outdoors. We keep her in 100% of the time in the winter with garage privileges only. It's just too cold out there for a cat to live.


  22. I have been to Taylor's of Harrogate. Fun! Love Yorkshire.

    When you visit, I will load you up with eggs and honey.

    Winter is tough on old dogs, isn't it? I can't even walk Tristan anymore, but he seems happy enough to toddle around outside for a bit, then come back in.