Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A winner & some winning birds

The winner of the tea-cup and saucer is

"Congratulations Tanna. Please send me your mailing address and thank you so much for following Just Cats & Tea-cups."

"Hope you enjoy your tea in your new tea-cup."

The sun was out today and the birds were enjoying the feeders at our property.
I think by the looks of it the favorite is my pumpkin bowl I placed on our fence post. It had a lot of visitors today.
Such as...

This adorable little American tree sparrow.

and my all time favorite Chickadee

'ol Gumpy-Face Bluejay was back again. 

I had a new visitor today. This is a Red poll. I had to ask my walking-buddy, Susan from just what this little bird was called.
By the end of the day I had probably 30 of them visit.
I had to be quick as they are very shy.

and this gorgeous Mourning Dove posed for me as she soaked up some sun.
Isn't she adorable? I could just cuddle her like a cat.

Before heading home today I hung up one more suet cage with four home-made suet bars. I read that in order for the birds to find a new feeder it is good to add a colourful ribbon, but since I didn't have any ribbon I just moved the red wreath. That should do it.

"Did she just say she wants to cuddle a dove?
This new bird obsession is getting way out of control.
I demand more attention."
"Settle down, Audrey. It's all about YOU now."

Stay toasty,


  1. Love the photos of the birds and Oh Audrey!!

  2. The pumpkin bowl must seem unusual for them, hence the attention.

    Ah, Audrey, never change. There'll never be another one like you.

  3. Audreys' face is comical! xxx

    Your 'Wren' looks like our English House Sparrow to me anyway.
    Lovely to see the birds, wish we had blue Jays here, although our Jays are quite colourful, just not so bright.

  4. Lovely! Lovely! Post!
    Lovely! Lovely! Birds!
    Finishing up with the loveliest bird of all!

  5. Congrats to you winner!

    What wonderful photos of your bird visitors.

    Audrey is so neglected! Ha! She's got it made.


  6. Wow, you have a great variety of birds. And I am envious over your pretty Redpoll. I really want to see one! Have a happy day!

  7. Beautiful photographs of birds. Feeder-Cup, I like it very much. Audrey is an amazing cat!
    Have a nice day! Jarka

  8. I love the Mourning Doves white-lined eyes. And of course, Audrey's expression takes the cake!

  9. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Deb. I will treasure your tea cup. Your pumpkin feeders are gorgeous in the winter day! So many fine little feathered friends... Audrey just wants to snuggle. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  10. Love your bird pics, Deb!! Redpolls are so cute. They tend to show up in huge flocks, then disappear again. I love it when they come here.

    Your wren is an American Tree Sparrow! :)

    Love the pumpkin bowls. My pigs would love them too!

    1. Thanks Natalie. I'll correct that. I'm on a learning cure right now.

    2. Looks like you have Redpolls, too! :) If you haven't seen it already, here's a good site for bird info:

  11. Congratulations to Tanna. What a wonderful bunch of feathered friends you have at the mouse house. I know it's a treat to see them and see who is a new visitor. Audrey must get in line to enjoy! Her time is coming!
    Hugs and Purrs .....

  12. Looking at your pumpkin bowl set me to thinking I should hollow out the next squash with more care. What a great idea.

  13. Ha, I was gonna correct your "wren" to tree sparrow but Knatolee beat me to it. Wrens are spring/summer birds. They're smart enough to fly south when the cold winds start to blow! (Wish I went with them.)

  14. Correct me anytime, Ronna. I am new at this bird-watching but enjoying it so much. I seem to see something new (to me) every week.

  15. What a fun assortment of bird feeders and great variety of birds! They have found a happy home!

  16. Excellent pictures. And I like ol' grumpy-face. Bluejays bring a bit of colour even to the bleakest of winters. And that dove looks as soft as a quilt, doesn't she?

  17. My goodness! Your photos are outstanding! I also fallen quite in love with Audrey too. I have a couple of bird books, but the photos or drawings never quite match what I'm seeing.

  18. The birds are just beautiful. Such good pictures. I love the Doves too. They look so soft. That Audrey! Honestly, I think she is thinking your very words!

  19. Oh gosh....I need a Red Poll!
    Just look at that red cap! Love it!
    That picture of Audrey made me laugh out loud!
    Enjoy your evening.....

  20. The bird photos are just beautiful! We especially love the morning dove. Simply elegant and gorgeous!

    the critters in the cottage xo