Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sheltering Trees & a little on Audrey

Just over the fence, on our neighbour's property, are many beautiful Douglas Fir Trees. They are spectacular to look at and are shelter for many birds and squirrels, especially inside their bottom skirts.

This one is very old as I remember it as a child. (and I'm old) When I would visit my grandmother we, the cousins, would play hide and seek in the bush and this type of tree was great for hiding. Now it shelters many birds from the heat of the summer or the cold wind in the winter. The Mourning Doves have made this tree their home.

This pretty Mourning Dove spent much of the day there

Here she is showing off her polka-dots.

While the others fed from the feeders.
This is another Red Poll that flew in for the day.
and the sweet Chickadee.

 You can see how thick the Fir trees are behind the feeders.
That is a Wood-pecker that dropped in for the suet.
I've been told they LOVE suet and home-made suet is the best.

It is obvious to me that many birds have made the comfort and shelter of the neighbour's trees their winter home.
I noticed my elderly neighbour also feeds the birds; placing her feeders very close to her house. I'm sure she enjoys watching them from her front windows during the cold, wintry days.

It is very cold here today but the sun shone all afternoon. We are expecting a warmer weekend with lots more of that beautiful sunshine.

The mouse-house is coming along great. The apt. is now insulated and dry-wall went up today. Which, by-the-way, wouldn't take too long in a mouse-house.  Time to pick out some paint.

Audrey has lost her wine cork. She was having the time of her life with it and then just like that....gone.
"It's not in the cupboard, Audrey. It's probably under the couch."

"Oh, of course. Silly me. I'll wait here while you fetch it."


Did you know Audrey has a twin?
Drop on over to Woke Up Got Out of Bed and see what Linda has crocheted for her Audrey look-a-like.

Enjoy your weekend &
stay toasty,


  1. Lovely photos ! I love our birdies here and the trees heck I love the nature here in our valley yard Yes I was over at Linda's blog earlier today ! The temps here are mild got up to +2C here and rain will be over night with a mix of snow also becoming windy Thanks for sharing , Have a good day,

  2. Audrey (and her twin) are both so cute. I am really enjoying the great photos you are getting of the birds. Are the stairs at the Mouse House going to be hard for Kane? He is such a sweet guy! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hi Linda - the stairs may be an issue but we'll soon see when they are done in the apt. and we can try him on them. Thankfully, he is only 40 lbs so the retired guy can easily carry him if need be.

  3. You certainly do get a lot of birds.

    Audrey's thinking, "well, if you're not going to get the cork from under the couch, why not open another bottle so I can play with that cork?"

  4. Hahaha! Thanks Deb♥️
    Your birds are fabulous....I'll bet they can't wait for you to move in!
    Actually.....I can't either!
    Enjoy your Saturday burger was delish! Added some chipotle spread!
    Linda :o)

  5. Hi Deb! Oh, the little birds are so sweet. I love watching them but at our new residence I've not seen any! The lady had a plastic owl on the deck and I think that had scared them away. I tossed it and am going to get some feeders and try to lure them back to my yard! Oh, that little Audrey is a charmer and I do hope you found her toy! :) Thank you for popping in to see me and your kind words.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Two! Two! Audrey's......
    I need to lie down....!!!

  7. I love the bird shelter of the pines. Your mourning dove looks like our Emerald Spotted Dove with those greenish/blue dots. I popped over to Linda's blog and loved seeing Audrey's twin. Great cat nest she made there. Have a wonderful day, Deb. Greetings Jo

  8. Audrey knows who's calling the shots in your home.

    Keeping our bird feeders full is a busy job around our place, and we keep several feeders full of black oil sunflower seeds all year round. I just know the birds have spread the word, because we have an amazing variety of birds here . I see them, and the squirrels waiting for the feeders to be e-filled when they're empty too. You have the perfect place for the feeders.

    We love hearing the wild doves that often hang out around our ring neck dove pens . The Red Poll is a bird I've never seen ( except in pics) before. Our cats sit inside at the windows and watch the birds, cat t.v. !

  9. Wonderful yardbirds and photos. And your kitty is a cutie! Happy Sunday!

  10. I KNOW! I can't believe how much Linda's "cat" looks like Audrey... even the expression. ;) I love the coo of mourning doves. blessings ~ tanna

  11. Beautiful pictures, Deb. Chickadees are my favourite. We had lots of them when we lived up in Caledon. We don't see any here. I miss their sweet little song.

  12. Hi Deb . . . . . I'm Eddie and here from Linda's and I just had to see Audrey after seeing her 'twin' on Linda's last post . . . . lol . . . I do see the resemblance . . . :)
    I've seen you commenting there for a while and just had to come and introduce myself.
    I am a rather eccentric ex ambulance man from England . . . and Linda said you have a good sense of humour so here I am . . . Nice crowd at Linda's and I know Jane, as in Jane and Cris very well ~ they are Brits too.
    I don't envy you your cold weather but the scenery is wonderful.
    Loved the photos of your bird life ~ you are so blessed there with a large variety of colourful birds ~ we have just a few here. Nice to meet you . . . . :)

  13. Don't you just love Mourning doves - always so quiet and gentle, never causing any trouble such as digging up tulip bulbs or eating all the birdseed from the feeders? They just toddle about under the feeders, usually in pairs of course as they are mostly monogamous, and fly away making a whoosh with a tweet. they are our most abundant game bird, and also prolific breeders - up to six broods annually. Your pics are so sweet Deb.

    Happy day - Mary

  14. Hmmm. Seems like you're having one of the same 'fetch" problems with Audrey I'm having with Lizzie!

    Your bird photos are quite remarkable. Just terrific!

  15. That's a nifty cat bed for Audrey's twin! But let's face it, there is no duplicating Audrey!

  16. I am loving your bird pictures. I looked at Linda's blog to check out Audrey's twin. That's so funny. It does remind me of sweet Audrey.

  17. I had a bird-feeder at my place, for the benefit of both birds and cats, but no one came by to eat. I suppose the birds act differently when they live in a town. You're going to be very lucky in the country.

  18. Great bird pictures. Love the coo-ing of the mourning doves. I've never seen a red poll before. You have a great place for birds.
    Your Audrey seems to know who's in charge! :)

  19. Such pretty Birds Deb! As we live close to the zoo, we do have lots of them in our neighbourhood too. I love it when spring arrives and I am woken up by their song.

    Have a good week!

    Madelief x

  20. Time to drink another bottle of wine! For Audrey's sake, of course.