Thursday, January 8, 2015

Here's to water and just the right bird-house

The New Year is here and I have 'upped' my water consumption.
By a lot.
Hot, cold or in-between. Add some lemon....mmmmm.
The kitties have more water added to their food now. Lily likes her soft food mixed with a bit of warm water in the morning and at night. And, for reasons that need not be mentioned, she has a fiber powder added to make her digestion work better. And it works.
I've placed a few glasses of water in odd places for them all to find and enjoy.

So, here's to water. *cheers*

I'm looking to find a free-standing bird-house just like this.

The perfect spot would be right outside the garage window at the south side where the cats can sit and enjoy all the bird action.

I'm on a hunt.

It is so cold here that all construction has come to a halt. Not because of our workers, mainly, but because supplies are not delivered in these low temperatures. Tomorrow it will feel absolutely balmy as the temperature rises from -21 today to -8. This is the time of year when we Canadians dress in layers. I see now that you can buy winter clothes with heaters inside. Apparently, they have boots, too, that you charge at night to give you 8 hours of warmth. Someone out there is a genius.

Joe is wishing they made heated cat-boots for this time of year. He likes to pop out on the back deck of our fenced-in yard early mornings and let all the neighbourhood cats know that he's the boss of his territory. He never leaves his 'spot' but it makes him feel like the master of his domain.

He now sits in his window and waits.
Maybe tomorrow, Joe.

Never have I meant this so much...
Stay toasty,


  1. Layers are a good idea. Monday here was -12°. Yesterday was +9°, and now it's -17° with a -25° wind chill. Life in southern Alberta... I need to look into those heated boots. Mittens of the same ilk would be handy...

  2. I walk to and from work and my fingers were numb by the time I got to a warm spot :) Brrr....
    May I ask the name of the fiber powder you are giving Lily?
    Stay warm.

    1. Benefibre is what I give her for constipation. Just a quarter tsp mixed with her soft food will help. You should see good results in a couple of days. It can be purchased at a drug store.

    2. Add water to the soft food, also.

  3. I layer everything right now when I'm out and about. I find I don't have a problem- until I have to stop for a red light. Then I start feeling the cold.

  4. Hey Deb...just stopping by to wish you and all your furry friends a belated Christmas and the best in the New Year.

    I love that first birdhouse... it's a beauty ...

  5. Joe looks just like my Domino!

    When we work auctions outside in the winter I put those Hot Hands and Hot Feet inside my gloves and boots. The difference is incredible! They last 8 hours, too. One particularly cold day, I put another pair in my back jean pockets...toasty buns! haha.

    I just love that first bird house! Wow...I want one, too! I love everything about it from the shape to the color to the cute little round holes for fun exit and entrance!

  6. And I think I'M cold! Burr! I was hoping you would find a great birdhouse! Keep warm for sure.

  7. I think freezing is cold! I wouldn't survive in your neighborhood. The kitties have been sleeping the sun. They better enjoy it today because the next three days there will be no sun. Guess that means they will be curled up on top of me! Have you looked at Gardener's Supply online? They sometimes have lovely (but $$$$) bird houses.
    Hugs and purrs ....

  8. The temps are brutal and today we have blowing snow and white outs BRR ! I like the first bird house . My Hubs AKA Papa could build one like that in his wood shop and he would [probably make it out of barn board . He has made feeders and houses for our back yard and the birdies love them lol ! Thanks for sharing , hope you find your perfect bird house . Stay cozy and have a good day !

    1. I do have some barn board and now you have given me a great idea. Thanks, I just need to find someone to build it. haha!

    2. How about that retired guy you live with?

  9. And we thought it was cold here this AM...4 degrees, which is quite unusual for these Southern states....brr.
    Our kitties only venture out to have a little look around, and then within five minutes, they are back inside. The birds have virtually vanished....
    Stay warm Deb !

  10. It's terribly cold here too, and a snow storm is headed our way too. I worry, worry, worry 'bout the outside cats, but they both came running up to me this morning, tails high and they meowed and danced for me. 2 inches of ice on their water bucket, and they meowed and danced. Cats are amazing! Seems to me I saw a bird-house maker advertise in the Farmer's Almanac...

  11. Deb,
    We adopted a little gray-girl who was our daughter's cat but has been on constant medication ever since she adopted her about 4 years ago. The doctor prescribed something to keep her digestive tract and further on down to keep working properly. If she starts getting sick, she will quit eating and her system will come to a stop causing real issues and a trip to the vet. She has never been this sick since we have had her, but we also fight incontinence (on purpose). Do you think the powder you use for Lily would help our little gray girl? I don't know if she had the whizz problem prior to coming to us, but I am willing to try anything. She shares her home with 7 other brothers and sisters, all of whom have been fixed years ago and are senior kitties. Thanks for your help!
    Glenda from Kansas

    1. I put a quarter teaspoon of Benefibre in Lily's soft food every day until I see some improvement. It is purchased at drug stores and has no sugar or flavors added. Just a tiny bit will usually help with constipation.

    2. Be sure to add extra water, warm preferably, to the soft food for more hydration.

    3. Thanks Deb, I will get some and try it.


  12. aww that's too sweet, i am so fantastic just loving it. Lost and found

  13. We had a cold snap here it was -1C/30F. Horrible for us who are used to the warmth.
    Fiber can be constipating and cause bloating without adequate hydration. Be very sure your cat is well hydrated, the cat will drink water or had water mixed with their food. We tried the pumpkin here and unfortunately no one liked it.

  14. Joe looks like our late Kramer...I really like black and white cats...
    We had ferocious winds and a snowfall overnite...
    Lots fo road closures....geesh...February can't come soon enough for me!
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)

  15. My daughter lives in Chicago and this morning they couldn't get out their front door because it was frozen shut. We in the great inlaid valley of California think it's freezing when it drops to 30 degrees. We all are thinking of you all suffering with this deadly cold. Stay safe and warm.