Saturday, January 24, 2015

Looking forward...

We have had countless days of wonderful sunshine. I finally got back into my daily walk; a slow one with Kane and a much quicker paced one by myself after he drifts into his afternoon nap. It feels so good to walk with the sun on my face as thoughts of how to organize the next week fill my head. I have so much to do yet but no matter how much time I spend getting prepared I know I will be running around the day of the move like a frantic hen. That's me.

Of course, I'm excited and terrified at the same time. I'm leaving my home of 25 years; a town where we raised our children and I ran three home-based businesses and was in awe of the support I received. I made many friends and still cherish those women. One was my dearest friend, Christine. It was from volunteering at our local animal shelter that a wonderful friendship of 15 years was formed. We had a lot in common and spent many hours fundraising to help the local homeless animals.
(a Valentine bake sale)

LAWS Fur-ball (a yearly fund-raiser)

Awww- she was unbeatable in that area. She gave her heart and soul to the cause. Stores in this town would open their doors to us and let us set up bake sales, book sales, you name it. We had a great time. All for a good cause.
Chris passed away almost five years ago from ovarian cancer and this town has not felt the same to me ever since.  I cherish the close relationships I have here and yet the loss of Chris and my children all leaving the nest changed how I felt about this town. It just didn't feel so much like home anymore. I've watched as this town progresses. Too many Mom and Pop shops have closed down as the Big Box Stores have moved in. The landscape has changed with more and more new homes enticing young families to the area.  The small town feel is quickly diminishing.

So, the plan we now have  is going forward and a new town and it's residents await. I've wanted to live on this family property for a long time and it's only now that the timing feels right.

I may start my in-home cat-sitting service up again. It would be a great way to stay busy doing something I love and it will give me the opportunity to meet the locals. But I will wait awhile and get to know my surroundings first. There is a big mess to deal with on this lot from all the construction and we are only half done. The main house is yet to be built.

So, excited and terrified...that's me. But, looking forward....always forward.

Here's Mr. Woodpecker enjoying the home-made suet. I counted 4 of these beauties visiting my feeders yesterday. And the little red squirrel is back.

If you're wondering what Audrey's up to today, she has her day all planned.

Have a good weekend everyone
and stay toasty,


  1. Congrats and good luck on your move! I love the woodies and your cute Audrey photos.. Have a happy weekend!

  2. I am sure the move with go smoothy , and just think of all the wonderful birdies at the new property you can enjoy all year round now ! It was the same for us the small farming town we were in just kept growing to what it is now a big city and I was raised on a farm so the country was calling me once again so this wide spread valley village we are in is perfect ,more older folk here and properties are big we have one of the oldest farm houses in the valley and I love it . Thanks for sharing have a good weekend !

  3. Life is an adventure and you'll soon be off on your new life. I can't imagine you giving up your cat service "furever"! You'll know when the time is right to start again. Meanwhile, enjoy the mouse house, watching the big house go up, bird and squirrel watching (!!) and of course, your kitties.
    Hugs and purrs---

  4. So many changes ahead. It's going to good and still a bit sad but you will love it I'm sure. Oh Audrey, that is what I did yesterday! :)


  5. It'll take time to get adjusted with the move, of course.

    Audrey has a very good idea. Under the covers and snoozing is an ideal way to spend the day.

  6. I'm sorry about the loss of your friend, Deb. Ovarian cancer is a terrible disease. You gave Chris a beautiful tribute here. I think your move is going to work out really well for you, and that you'll love your new surroundings. I enjoyed the photos of the woodpecker. . .and Audrey! Hugs, Nancy

  7. Sorry you lost your friend....never easy...
    You will meet so many new people...very exciting!
    Maybe by the Fall you will be ready to start cat sitting again....
    Getting close Deb....fingers crossed for you....
    Dull,dark and cloudy here today....
    Enjoy your weekend....
    Linda :o)

  8. Never easy to lose a dear sorry...

    The new move is exciting, just give yourself time to adjust and get settled. I know you will love your new home and all the wild life!!! hugs.....

  9. Good luck when moving day comes.
    I'm thinking all the wonderful wildlife will give you the small town feel you miss.
    Quiet,friendly and beautiful.
    Nancy and the kitties

  10. Hallo, dear Debbie,
    a bittersweet story you are telling us today. But I feel easier to hear about all your positive thoughts about future - all will happen as you wish!
    I'm feeding a great number of different birds (10 sorts I counted today), and can watch them from a nearby window. I did cook what you call suet after reading your post. I think some od them like it very much.
    Finaly, we have snow now since two days, only few centimeters, but it looks very nice and is a good cover for all the plants in garden.

    A nice calm weekend to you all
    Bärbel from Germany, who will soon slip under her cover, similar to Audrey, and will knit.

  11. Those final days of a move are always frantic it seems--items that don't fit anywhere--that little pile of objects in the middle of the kitchen floor--and usually an untidy array of 'stuff' at the other place.
    I usually have to steel myself not to whimper about the place and the friends I'm leaving behind and concentrate on the positives.
    Moving the cats is difficult--they simply panic and hide under the last bed to be dismantled!

  12. Hi Deb,

    Thanks for a great heart felt post. I know how you feel. We are working towards moving to another state and a home 250 miles away from this home of 25 years in this house and a total of 37 years in this very small town. I am not well enough to move at the moment and it may be several years before I am... but I wait with the same excitement and terror you wrote of. Thanks for giving my thoughts form.

    You are making your dreams come true and I am so happy for you. Pray a little prayer that someday we will, too. Thanks.

    Blessings as you move forward. I am so happy for you.

    Love to All,

  13. I'm excited for you...yes, it seems this is the right time for a change! New memories and traditions are waiting!

    Would you believe I still haven't made that suet? I must do that soon!

  14. Love Audreys' elegant paws, don't you just love cats' paws? xxx

  15. Deb, a happy/sad post and you explained it all so well. Change is often hard, take my word for it, but the longer one waits the more difficult it can become. I think you are doing everything right - you guys are still in good shape to undertake these changes and will be able to get it all completed for the golden years ahead!

    ……..and of course I can see Audrey's take on the entire plan, haha!!!!!!

    Mary x

  16. Having uprooted myself many times over the years (and finally finding the place that feels like home!), I know how you feel. At the same time, I think you are making the right move and will be truly happy in your new home and surroundings! Hope everything goes smoothly along the way!