Saturday, January 10, 2015

My cooking's for the birds.

If someone says to me, "Your cooking's for the birds" they might not be too far off.

I popped over to a fun blog called, who just happens to be my friend, Susan and her daughter's new creation, and Susan gave us a great recipe for bird suet. So, because I have the time and I'm cheap...cheep, cheep, cheep...I'm giving it a go.

First, I picked up all the seeds and peanuts from The Wool Growers in our town.
Love that place.
The rest I had at home.
After following Sue's directions, I had enough suet made for a month.'s much better than the commercial stuff.
This is packed full of goodness for our hungry birds.
Her recipe made three muffin trays full.
Once frozen, I'll pop them into sandwich bags and bring them out to the property as I need them.

"Thanks, Sue"

I realized this week that Blue-jays can really pack it away. They absolutely gorge. And the numbers of chickadees and sparrows are increasing so this should help a bit.
Apparently, Wood-peckers love suet so let's see if this entices those beautiful birds this coming week.

Am I lucky or what to have such gorgeous company while I 'cook'.

Stay toasty,


  1. YA ! lots of birdies feasting . I make my own suet's to have been for years now , one it is cheaper and two yes better for them and they love it ! I get all kinds of woodpeckers on the suet's ! I am glad your enjoying your birdies ! Lovely photos Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. What lovely company indeed. Audrey's thinking, "will you let me sleep?"

  3. It does look good and and if it is easy ... will you share the recipe? I would love to make some, but the recipes I had from the internet were very messy. I like the idea of muffin tins ... the size is perfect and I could use some cheap, cheap because my suet is eaten by squirrels as well as birds. I even have a flock of crows who come just for my suet and in return they protect my feeders from the hawks ... most of the time anyway. It is nice to know someone who could be called a "crazy bird lady" like me. It is all worth it (if you can afford it) and the birds are beautiful and wonderful. I agree the Blue Jays are big eaters ... they especially like peanuts if you get to that point (more money :). I am following your blog because I just know I am going to enjoy you and all of your activities. Have a great weekend, Deb ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  4. The birds must love you! And I love that Audrey!

  5. Great cooking for the birds!! Audrey looks like she wants to 'help'!!

  6. Any time I've made suet, I've pressed it flat and cut it in squares but I like your idea better! I'm low on peanut butter so haven't made mine yet...I know the birds will love it. Have your camera ready....I think they can smell it and they come immediately! So fun to watch!

  7. Oh wow, what a wonderful idea. I too, am with Country Gal above: would you share the recipe? Have a wonderful day. Jo

  8. You are very lucky indeed to have such beautiful kitchen helpers!

  9. Those birdie muffins look good enough to eat! :).
    Little bit of cream....mmmmmM! Sorted!

    Yes! I must say Sierra and Audrey 'look' really
    "Audrey! Audrey! Pull your self together now....
    pretend your a pair of curtains". Bless!x

  10. You know the birds are going to love a home cooked meal WAY better than take out!! ;) blessings ~ tanna

  11. Oh thank you for sharing this Deb! I am going to do this with the grands!!! How lovely to share such a great DIY and take care of our birds!!!

  12. Deb, we give whatever scraps are left over from meals to either the birds, raccoons, or cats... depending. Recently we've started covering left over apple cores with peanut butter and the squirrels (and possibly the birds) seem to love it. And right now the birds are coming in droves.. large groups of blue jays, crows, etc. DH and I sat by the kitchen window and watched the other day... and were amazed at the numbers.

  13. I agree that homemade suet is much better than commercial suet. My parents put suet out for their birds. One of their suet feeders was hanging right outside the kitchen window. Their birds were used to activity at the kitchen sink and paid no mind.

    A huge cedar by the garage gave the birds some shelter. After the house was sold, the new owners cut down that cedar. We felt bad for the birds as that was one of two that provided shelter. We're sure the new owners don't feed the birds, either :-(

  14. I'll check out Sue's blog! My birds are eating like crazy critters! (Bushy doesn't help much by robbing the feeders!) This looks great.