Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Too darn cold

Extreme Cold Warning...
a cold front will cross Southern Ontario tonight and into tomorrow. Wind chill values below -35 are expected. Mercy!

I'm just back from putting down lots of food for the ferals (all dry in this cold weather) and hoping beyond hope that they stay warm somewhere tonight. I have not seen hide nor hair of any of them for over two weeks now but that is not unusual in the winter. The food is eaten every night and tracks are there but where they stay is a mystery.

The mouse-house will be warmer tonight as the R-7 insulation was put on the garage today. The fellas did not seem fazed by the cold temperatures but hot coffee and steaming hot chili helped get them through the afternoon. They are great workers.
Insulation arrives.

                               Working in extreme temperatures to cozy up this place.

The feeders were filled to the brim today and I did see some chickadees venture out for some of the peanuts placed in the wooden box. I hope they have somewhere to go tonight. Poor things.

Here's one enjoying a peanut.
Just look at the ice on the bell-wreath. Brrrrr

The feeders were filled with a good mix of seed.

Tomorrow will be a day to stay in and get some house-work done. I don't own a high-quality, thick winter parka so you won't see me out there.

Stay toasty,


  1. It is a brutal cold that's for sure but I bundle up and get out for a walk with my Miggs and spend time with my birdies and taking photos ! Thanks for sharing , lovely photos have a good day and stay cozy !.

  2. Beautiful shots, and it looks like the critters are well fed.

    I dress in layers, double or triple everything, and it keeps me warm enough.

    1. That sounds like a good plan, William. Long-johns are a must.

  3. That little mouse house is looking really good!
    It won't be long now, Deb....
    Cold enough for you? Ha! I think so!
    Have a fire on....warm and toasty....enjoy your evening!
    Linda :o)

  4. I'm always amazed that birds can live in that cold...their little feet! Brr!

    The mouse house is really coming along! Looks great!

  5. Burrrrrrr! Those men are strong to be able to work in that weather. Tomorrow it will start getting cold here in Georgia. Well, cold for the South!

  6. I always wonder how those tiny birds survive nights that are so cold. I'm having to bring water to the chickens every hour in this weather because it freezes. At night there is a heat lamp on in the coop so all is comfy. I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow!

  7. Oh BRRR to a thin-blooded African! I like the insulation on your mouse house. Keep yourself safe and warm. Jo

  8. Kudos to all those men !
    Even me is semi- long fur....No way will go out like that. ,
    Your house look great, can't wait to see when it all done =^~^=

  9. Oh my...too, too cold for man or beast! I don't know how you do it! Be careful and stay warm....saying a prayer for all the animals who live in that cold...worries me! Hugs to you Deb!

  10. Good blogging and cat-cuddling weather!

  11. Oh my gosh, that would be way too cold for me. I don't see how those men do that.

    Hope you will see all of your ferals when it warms up.

    Have a warm, cozy day ~ FlowerLady

  12. Amen to the title of this post. Subzero windchills down here in Michigan. Bushy Squirrel has figured out how to break into the finch feeder so I must do magic with duct tape. They're hungry but Lizzie Coco is enjoying the show!

  13. Deb, how can they work in such cold temperatures? Just what are you putting in that chili girlfriend, anti-freeze or rum, haha!!?
    The house is looking just awesome. The feral kitties must have a secret warm place - hopefully it's them who are eating the food you generously share, not some wild beast!
    We have an extra load of chickadees this winter - they are everywhere, and such sweet little guys flitting back and forth to the feeders. Your pics are great because they really are hard to catch flying in and out so quickly.

    Wrap up warmly dear - those are dangerously low temps. Tonight will be our coldest one, down to 13F (-10C), have to leave the taps dripping and the heat turned up!
    Take care - hugs, Mary

    1. Hi Mary - these guys are work-horses. They can't be talked into taking a day off. Rum probably would have been a good idea :) although there's no telling where the nails would have gone. The tracks to the food are cat-paws so I know they are getting the food. Everything is so hungry, including the birds. I sleep better after putting food out. We are tough Canadians here and will dress warm for these frigid temps. I may not go too far today.

  14. HI Deb! The Carriage house is coming along quickly isn't it? I'll bet you are so happy. I was surprised to see you put R7 value insulation in. In Tx and here in CA too we always used R11 or R13. Are you using the lower value because it is just a garage ? I've never insulated a garage so i figure that must be it. Stay warm. 60 + degrees here today after a chilly start... Hugs! deb

    1. Yes, the R-7 goes on the garage but the apt. above needs R-29 here. Just having R-7 on the garage part will make it much more comfortable inside. We also have pex-pipes in the floor for heat.

  15. -35°! You may as well be in southern Alberta!

  16. It's not safe to venture out in any kind of parka in that weather! We are facing some formidable wind chills, so I will have to venture out when I'm home to make sure the wooled and feathered dependents are ready for the night. I hope the ferals all find a warm and safe place to weather the weather - my birds (wild) have been going through the seed like nobody's business!

  17. Too cold to get out...-35...mercy....never been THAT cold here. But, at 20 something, it seems pretty cold.

  18. Hi Deb,

    I sure love seeing your mouse house getting worked and finished up! It is looking good!

    Stay warm and enjoy baking something maybe? I did! lol


  19. Kentucky is enduring a spell of cold weather--near zero temps tonight. Cold, however, is relative--we've lived through far longer and colder conditions in both Vermont and Wyoming.
    I also fret about the feral cats around us--all I can do is put out food.