Wednesday, April 13, 2016

An 'up-lifting' tail

This bright and sunny morning found Audrey perched on the cat stand eyeing dear little Red as he rejoiced in being the first to the side bird feeder. He filled his gut while Audrey made funny noises and twitched her ears. There won't be any tail-twitching for some time to come but I noticed this morning that it is being held higher off the ground. A very good sign. I'm to be watching for that. She still walks slowly with a slight limp but seems to have forgotten all about her mishap already.
Annie tried to play with her last night. I intervened quickly and Annie walked off a little confused. This might be the biggest struggle of all while this leg and tail heal completely.

Annie starts her morning off joining me for coffee. I like a hot cup with milk and she prefers just a wee bit of milk in her tea-pot saucer. She will sit and stare at it until the white delicacy is poured for her to enjoy.
She then sat at the window while the feeders filled up with finches of many colours.

Here is another shot of the downy woodpecker as he hung around me while I filled shelves in the portable greenhouse yesterday. They are normally shy but this one came surprisingly close and stayed.

I bet 'baby' downy woodpeckers would be so cute.
Have you been over to Mary's garden today.
Wait 'til you see her little bird-house that is 'occupied' with mommy and daddy Carolina Chickadees.
Mary expects to see baby chickadees in the near future.
I have a feeling you'll want to spend some time at Mary's so pour yourself a cup of something. :)

Since I'm house-bound a little more these days watching over the she-devil...ummm....Audrey, I have been looking back on older cat-sitting photos in my library. I have so many cute cat shots and thought I may share a few in the next few days.
My cat-sitting service in this area is taking off very slowly as most people call for a live-in sitter.
It's funny how different areas require specific services.

But first, here's a favorite photo of my grand-kitty, Rae-Rae and her love of violets. 
We have a similar passion for the beautiful bloom.
She has the patience, though, to watch them grow.


Time to check on a certain invalid.
Hope your day is filled with sun-shine,


  1. Nice to hear that Audrey is healing! So hard to get them to stop jumping and playing though. Charlie loved a bit of milk himself, sweet Annie has always had a little place in my heart.

  2. So glad that Audrey is improving! Now, isn't that like a mom to encourage the child to play?! Now you have to keep your eye on both of them!

  3. Happy to hear Audrey is healing. Enjoy the "quiet" time! Ha! Rae-Rae is so pretty and so smart.
    Hugs and purrs.....

  4. So happy to read of Audrey's healing. Before you know it, she'll be back to her comical antics. My cats love a tiny bit of cream or milk. I always get a few coffee creamers when I go through McDonalds or whatever drive-thru I'm purchasing coffee. I save them for Miss Cleo and Mister. They're the perfect size. Wishing you a blessed day!

  5. Glad Audrey is getting better . Lovely photos , It was nice warm sunny day here today and getting warmer with lots of sun shine through out the rest of the week warm as in 21C WOOHOO ! . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  6. So glad Audrey is showing some improvement!

    Love that Rae beautiful!

  7. That is great news that Audrey's tail is "coming up"! I hope she rapidly let you have your freedom again to pursue other activities.

    Rae Rae is always adorable! Looking forward to seeing the kitties you have sat in the past.


  8. I loved this post, happy to hear that Audrey is improving. Takes a load off your mind, doesn't it, when the fur babies are getting well again. Thanks for the pretty cat pics too of Annie and Rae Rae. Love from Nebr. ><>

  9. Get well soon miss Audrey!! From your Charleston fans and cousins!! Boos and purrs!!

  10. Good 'old' Audrey!x HeHe!
    She's getting there...Bless!x

    If you like violets...Take a peek

  11. I love reading that sweet Audrey is on the mend...poor darling. Rae-Rae is just gorgeous!!! What a beautiful picture of the woodpecker...magical. Have a lovely weekend Deb!

  12. Audrey has good nursing staff!

    Rae Rae's such a cutie.

  13. I can't tell you how excited I am to see your kitty sitee's again! It may sound odd, but I miss them. They were like special friends and, of course, your photos were exquisite!
    So happy to hear Audrey's tail is comming back to normal. Cat tails are so expressive.

  14. Hello Deb, just playing catch-up on my blog reading & wanted to pop in & say I was soooo sorry to read about poor dear Audreys tail. I am glad to read in todays post that she is returning to her wonderful old self again. What a worry for you all. So pleased she is on the mend. Thank you for the lovely comment you left me over on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend Deb. Julie x x x

  15. Oh no!!!!! How did I miss that Audrey had an accident? Very happy though to read that she is better. Poor dear girl. x

  16. Good to hear Audrey is healing. And I love that beauty, Rae Rae.