Wednesday, April 27, 2016

David in disguise

While talking with my sister on the phone last night the conversation went something like this...
Her..."Have you ever seen those huge tea-cup and saucer planters?"
Me..."Yes, they're cute, eh."
Her..."I saw one the other day for sale that had kittens all over it. I wondered if you'd like that. Would that be something you would like for one of your gardens? Maybe for your birthday?"
Me..."Uhhhhh, yaaaaaa."
Her..."OK...just act surprised."

She kills me.

The sun is out but it's cooler than we are used to at the end of April in Ontario.
Yes, folks. It should be warmer here by now. Apparently, the warmer weather is on it's way and more sun; glorious sun.

I think I may have to name our white-tailed bunny that now calls the mouse-house home.

and Red was back at the feeder bright and early this morning.

My favorite visitor came by as soon as I headed out to the greenhouse.
And I barely recognized the king of the wild frontier this morning.
He was so dirty from rolling in the gardens that he looked like a grey tabby instead of a brown one.
"David, is that you?"
"Mornin' Deb. You may rub my tummy now."

"But wait, let me get a bit more dirt on my coat first."

Of course, David got his tummy rub and then off he went back to the neighbourhood farm. He probably came by to do a bit of bird-watching but by the time he had his massage he had forgotten why he came by in the first place.

And that's how Red and the resident birds like it. ;-)

hugs, Deb


  1. I have no doubt you're going to the the tea cup planter. :)

    Dave is adorable. Once in a while one of our cats will come home covered is dusty dirt and I don't recognize them on first glance!

  2. I wonder when David is going to move in to stay!

  3. Aww cute, we love David and his rolling round.

    Maybe we are stealing all of your warm weather. Still 20 deg during the days here in NZ at the moment, much warmer that it usually is at this time of year.

    Julie Q

  4. Love reading about your furry and feathered visitors. The sun brings everyone out and about!

  5. Patty O'Malley rolls and rolls in the dirt too, but getting my hands dirty is a small price to pay for kitty tummy rubs!

  6. Rolling around in the dirt... a common thing for kitties!

    Bugs or Peter Cottontail might do for the wascally wabbit!

  7. Deb, maybe David came by specifically for his tummy rub??

  8. I thought it wasn't even David in his first picture, his coat was so dulled by the dirt. And maybe he felt that a tummy rub was the perfect way to finish a dirt-bath.

  9. I love sista convos .... no holes barred LOL ... I have one of those tea cup planters. It was very tempting to use it for tea except for the huge drainage hole in the bottom. I got it for mom day a couple years ago. I have a feeling you may just get one :-) See you soon....