Friday, April 29, 2016

No time like the present.

Sunny, simple days. How we longed for them only weeks ago. Now we are expecting beautiful days right through until next week. There's no time like the present to get the outside work done.

Well, for some of us anyway.

I mentioned many posts ago that a tree had broken and fallen part-way down, lodging itself into the branches of another large maple on our property. It was hanging over the little grave-site for my beloved cats at the back along the old stone wall. I was unable to get back there for safety reasons after the fall leaves had fallen to clean up so over the winter things got very messy.

                               No-Go Zone
(taken last fall)
 Finally, we ( yes, the retired guy and myself) took the 40 foot tree down with the help of our tractor, 'ol Nellie. Another first for me and just a grand old time for him.
Future fire-wood. :)
The stone fence in this photo was built by my ancestors (on my mother's side) over one hundred years ago.

So yesterday I raked for an hour and tidied things up. I noticed some of the head-stones need to be re-painted, as I had used the wrong paint for outdoors, so I have another project ahead.
We will be laying Sierra to rest here in May. I don't need to tell you that the thought already brings tears to my eyes.

Our resident bunnies were out early this morning playing together. They are fun to watch as they hop towards each other and then jump straight up in the air.  And away they go....................
                                                    (taken from the mouse-house window)

Here's a peek into the funny little greenhouse.


"Hi Red"

"Nice to see you, buddy."

Hope you are all enjoying 
some sunshine as we head towards the month of May.

hugs, Deb


  1. Yep! We have a Bank Holiday weekend..
    This weekend, suns out to~day, though
    forecast is sunshine, with scattered
    showers! Temperature is down for the
    time of year! Though hopefully l can
    get out, and attack something in the
    garden, in between showers! :).

    I do love the photos of Simon...He's
    a lovely little fella...My favourite
    is the one on the right of the header!
    Bless him!x

    And yes! mmmmmmM! Peppers! Love'em! :0).

  2. I used to have a house bunny, the sweetest thing! When bunnies are happy happy, they run and jump. It's so cute watching them do that....they are so full of happy they just can't contain themselves!!

    Sierra will be right there close by where you can visit her along with the other loved kitties. Just go out where it is calm and quiet and talk to them if need be. Sometimes that helps a sad heart, just to talk. We hope they are listening.

  3. thats wonderful that the stone fence built by your family is still standing!
    Looks very spring like where you are and I hope you enjoy the nice days!

  4. You are a tough girl! Yes, it'll be hard to say farewell again to Sierra but what a lovely spot to rest. Just having her near will be a good thing.

    Well, we're due for rain here in Michigan -- I hope it stays away from you -- you deserve that sun and outside time!

  5. I love that all of the beloved animal family members will rest together in land that is filled with family history.
    I've move so often that I no longer have roots. However the ashes of those kitties I've loved and lost
    have come along on my journey.

  6. Really enjoy your stories about your family and your feather and furry friends. Beautiful Sierra -- always in your heart. Your veggies are looking good.

  7. I always enjoy seeing a cat tuck a paw over their head like that.

  8. Sierra will always be close to you. I also have a little cemetery of beloveds that wore fur and it's very soothing to know they are near. It looks like spring is just around the corner for you.

  9. Dear Deb, hug to way we can forget Miss Sweet Sierra !
    You know ? my new house got two grey squirrels ! they live on mongo tree but I didn't meet them yet. Mom said they have a very strong sharp teeth !
    I hope you have a great weekend

  10. How lucky you are to have that beautiful stone wall. You have a beautiful place!