Friday, April 22, 2016

Make your heart happy

Anyone with their wits about them will be outside today.
Sunny, warm and +22C.

If not, they'll at least find a sun-puddle to nap in.


It's been a busy few days working around the property and entertaining visitors at the mouse-house.

"Oh please, Gramps, can lambie and I have a ride on old Nellie?"
And they're off...

"Again, pleeeease."

                Do something that makes your heart happy
                                        every single day.

I've been showing off cats that I cared for through my cat-sitting service that I provided for the area that we have recently moved from.
Let's look back a bit...

 This handsome fella is named Tigger.

He was quite shy at first but we soon became good friends. Tigger had a lovely balcony/deck that he would ask to spend time on each and every visit. There he would bask in the sun and stop to smell the flowers. :)
Tigger had a more mature side-kick that I will show-off next time.
I hope they are doing well. I miss those two beauties.

hugs, Deb


  1. such beautiful photos,, I have a photo of my silver bearded husband taking our grandson on the tractor , this photo reminded me of that lol,, you have such beautiful photos, so homey and cosy,, perfection,

  2. Aw...that little one and her lamb...adorable!

    We have rain outside and no sun puddles!

  3. Really cute pics! Your mouse-house kitchen looks so inviting. And that pic of Gramps and Gwynn will always be a keeper.

  4. The Grands can get us to do most anything!

  5. We've had some great days too! And yes, grands do get us to do anything!

  6. You have a lovely room in which to spend some computer time. My kitchen table gets the morning sun and it feels good this morning as it is much cooler today.
    The little one is so cute with her lamb. I'll bet she has Gramps wrapped around her little finger!

  7. Audrey, the drama queen! Glad the temps are moving upward!

  8. I really enjoyed reading about all the cats which you cared for. Lovely to see the sun your way, and an old friend. x

  9. We're a little cold and gloomy today so your sun puddles are extra welcome!

  10. Gwynn certainly looks cute! Audrey seems quite watchful, and Tigger's a cutie.

  11. Oh my goodness! You need that last picture framed and hanging in the house. It is adorable.

  12. That little Gwynn is just too precious!!! I want to pinch those little cheeks!!

  13. Glad you are getting some warm sunshine at long last. It must keep you busy putting out all the nibbles for the critters and birds.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. I was out side pulling weeds and finally got my hands in my garden dirt WOOHOO ! Isn't this weather wonderful? Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  15. Now your spring is making up for lost time.

  16. She is such a beautiful little girl, how could Gramps resist? haha!!