Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A little update on Audrey and the signs of spring.

As expected, each day shows improvement with little Audrey. She has been wanting to jump at times but I know this cat so well that I can see it coming before she does it and can lift her to her desired spot. If she does jump up, though, it's not so bad. It's the jumping down that may set her back. I have to have eyes in the back of my head this week. Her appetite is still 'hog-like' and she washes up after her meals and sleeps comfortably. The only time I can't stop her from jumping up is when she lands on the bed wanting to tuck in beside me.
She is on metacam for comfort for the next few days.

It's good that I can stay around and watch her; plans have been put on hold just for this week.
The mouse-house is so tiny that to put her in one room and remove all things that she could jump up on would be impossible. There is no room to use. My vet knows that Audrey would not do well in a crate while she heals. Can you imagine? My life (after) would never be the same.  So...I be the nurse & watch-dog. lol

She wanted in the sunshine so that's where I put her. Her tail is still limp but her vet expects no change there for a few days.

                                                "Me in a crate?....Think again, lady."

The sun is lifting everyone's spirit today. Could spring finally be arriving at the mouse-house? I have veggies to plant in starter pots and then soon they will go out to my portable green-house that is near where the garden will be. That will be in May. I dream of a real potting shed that I can decorate and play with but that will come after the house is built.  I have some friendly chickadees that sat in the brush beside me while I took a break from cat-patrol and added shelves to the green-house. They were fascinated in all that I was doing and  made for pretty cute company.

                                                  They are the sweetest little birds.

One lone downy woodpecker stayed around to watch me work, too.
He was showing off his spot of red.

By mid-week we are in for some warmer weather and by the weekend it will be beautiful (+20C) . I can't wait to start cleaning up the out-doors and preparing for flower gardens.
I'm watching the five bird-houses for prospective tenants but so far have just seen birds fly in and fly out. No nesting materials have been brought in as far as I can see.
There is lots of courting going on mostly amongst the mourning doves. If they nest here it will be in the shrubs or lower branches of the trees. That would be nice to see. :)

Thank you for your kind comments wishing Audrey a quick recovery. I can see that the pain-killer is really keeping her comfy and she is lovin' all the extra attention and freeze-dried chicken that magically appears for her enjoyment. She's even tolerating the extra hugs and kisses.  haha! God, I love her. ♥

Back to cat patrol. =^..^=

hugs, Deb


  1. Sending get well wishes to her highness....err...Audrey....♥️
    Linda :o)

  2. I remember bringing home a favorite cat who had spent overnight at the vet's for spaying. I was told to limit her activities until stitches could be removed. Katy came home and immediately practiced gymnastics on the bathroom door casing. Luckily her stitches held. Cats don't take advice!
    Poor Audrey--I hope her tail soon feels better.

  3. Keeping her from jumping is a full time job I'm sure. Glad to hear she is on the mend. Oh crating her would not be a good thing! hugs to you both!

  4. Deb, Hope Audrey is recovering well! She is a sweetheart ♥. Love your photo of the woodpecker too!!
    Hugs, Jody

  5. Thank you for your update on Audrey. My husband and I have been praying for her recovery.

    I hope she makes a full recovery soon.


  6. They certainly have our hearts...don't they? They have such awesome personality...Miss Audrey reminds me of my girl Nella. I have a feeling your little fur ball will be as right as rain.

  7. Found this on line....Think it says it ALL......
    The name Audrey is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Audrey is: From the Old English name Aethelthryth, meaning noble and strength. Famous bearer: St Etheldreda, later known as St Audrey, founded a monastery at Ely. =(^..^)=

  8. You are taking such good care of her. Out of sheer determination, she will be as good as new in no time at all. I am also looking forward to warmer temperatures by the weekend. -Jenn

  9. Of course, we love Audrey, too! I hope you get to enjoy some rare moments of closeness while she is recuperating. That's the only good thing about them being sick or laid up. Much love to you and the kitties there in Canada,

    Glenda from Kansas

  10. Oh thank goodness Audrey is on the mend. (((Hugs))) to you both!