Sunday, April 10, 2016

Waiting on Spring.

I do believe we may see more snow this April than we have had all winter long.

 But the sun was shining today making all the sun-worshipers happy.
And we may not have flowers blooming but the birds are showing up in all the colours of the rainbow.

From the teeny weeny kitchen's window in the mouse-house, I managed a photo of our cotton-tailed rabbit heading for the feeder.
Cute little guy.

It's -11C as I type this.
I noticed yesterday that my perennials are poking through the ground.
Just like Simon, they may have woke up a bit too soon.

It's a good (sunny) day to finish up tiling the bathroom floor while we wait for the temps to rise.

I have so much clean-up to do around the property and I refuse to wear a wool hat and mitts to do it.

"Come on, Spring."
hugs, Deb


  1. That picture of Annie in the basket is adorable. I'm wishing for warm weather for everybody right now!

  2. We're getting it -- big time. As I type, in fact. Your girl looks like she wants to bury her head in the sand. Well, so do I!

  3. Dozing sounds like a good idea. I saw a few tips of tulip plants starting to poke up amid snowy soil in one of the parks here earlier.

  4. Snow falling here now but melting as it hits then it will change to rain , they say this will be it for snow and as I see the forecast the sun is to shine every day this week and the temps are rising WOOHOO ! spring will be here for good . Lovely photos . Oh your little bunny is cute .I haven't seen any of ours but I know they are here the evidence's is left in the yard and Miggs likes to eat bunny poop YUKKY ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  5. I love that picture of the cottontail! My perennials have poked through as well. They've already been snowed on a few times. Good thing they're hardy. -Jenn

  6. "Go home,'re drunk!" LOL, thought it described how crazy it's been recently! Hope you warm up soon!

  7. If you do get snow, I hope it's not cold, as well. Quickly melting snow will provide moisture, and may help, as long as it doesn't freeze or suffocate the burgeoning vegetation.

    We're still lucky here in southern Alberta, but we may pay for the lack of snow in the summer; some are already talking about water rationing.

  8. We have rain today and although I swore I was going to let the woodstove die out it's just too chilly and damp!! Rotten weather today but the plants will be glad of the moisture! The pansies are back out of the garage yet again.....this time I hope they can stay!

  9. In your fourth photo, what type of bird is the delightful looking one on the right? Your feeder group is mesmerizing!

  10. That's actually two birds, Kari A purple finch and a gold finch.