Sunday, April 24, 2016

Just thinking of him today.

Audrey has a new favorite hidey-hole. Perhaps she's missing our old dog, Kane, like I am.

No matter what I am doing; raking, cleaning summer furniture, picking up rocks or filling feeders, I look around and miss seeing my dog snoopervising. I guess it will take a long time before I stop thinking of him each and every day.  Perhaps I always will and that's ok, too. Today just happens to be a hard one.

These are a few photos taken of him last spring as we moved to the country and worked so hard to make this land our home.
Even in his advanced years and deaf as a door-knob he took on the job of being a country dog very seriously.
I only wish he had had more time to enjoy his new life.
We moved here when Kane was 14 1/2 years and he left us last November at 15 1/2 years.
He had been our one and only dog since he was 11 months old.

Now Kane rests in peace on our property.
So, his spirit lives on here and I will feel him protecting and keeping me company as I continue to work this little piece of land.
I'm so thankful for the years we had together.

Just thinking of you today...and always, Kanie.

hugs, Deb


  1. He was such a lovely boy...
    I'm smiling at the pictures, he was indeed very involved with all of the chore-doing :)
    Memories of wonderful times, always in your heart.

  2. He was a dog of impeccable character and a wagging tail.

  3. I don't think us pet lovers ever get over the loss of them. Like you said he is there with you in spirit and probably still being the snoopervisor he loved to be . Audrey must be missing him to . Hugs.

  4. They entwine our heart & that's a good thing. It's ok to miss him. I know I still miss my other 5 fur children SO much inspite of having two of the most wonderful fur girls now. Enjoy your happy memories.

  5. It's just sad that we live so much longer than our pets. They really are our family. I know you will miss him for a long time but he is still there with you in spirit.

  6. I love how you describe him as being a snoopervisor. Perfect. I'm sure he would have loved this spring with you, maybe having a good look in Simon's direction. It's those wonderful memories that you have of him (and that beautiful painting!) that you will carry around with you. -Jenn (We got our new little boy cat, and he has become quite a "talker" just like our Nelly was. It is fun to have it come full circle.)

  7. The thing I know about grieving is that sometime there is a switch. From thinking about your loved ones and crying, to thinking about them and smiling. We are glad that you got to share so much precious time with Kane, he lived a good life with you.

  8. Sending you understanding hugs, Deb.

    Thank you for sharing his photos with us.


  9. Love the pics of Kane... and Audrey's hidey-hole.

  10. Animals become special members of our family--some of them more memorably than others. So difficult to lose them.

  11. Aw, sweet. Love the photos...

  12. I am certain Kane loved his walking buddy a lot♥️
    You will never forget him. And that is wiponderful, Deb.
    Loved seeing little Gwynne and love your greenhouse!
    Your potting shed will be amazing...
    Take care..
    Linda :o)

  13. Everything seems to be coming along at the Mouse House! Kane was very beloved and lived to a good age (not nearly long enough for us, though). Is the time right for another canine buddy? I wouldn't wait too long because Audrey may start to put on airs and she may need someone to put her in her place (fat chance!).

  14. He was family...You will NEVER forget!x
    And, you know something...Neither will
    we...! Bless him!x

  15. Kane was such a darling boy and I know how much you loved him.
    Photos are beautiful - loved how his right ear stood up tall and left one curled over giving him such a gentle appearance.

    Thanks for sharing Kane's country days here - I know he loved each one.
    Mary x

  16. I loved reading about him. He was so good looking and his character shone. Your loyal and loving friend. We never have enough time with them, but I am glad that he is still with you always. x

  17. Oh Deb, those grief bursts are so tough. That cycle of the first year brings all those "memories of last time" -- and your Kane was no ordinary dog. He was a beautiful, loving family member. Sending hugs this special day.

  18. Precious Kane will always be snoopervising with you. Always in your heart and looking over your shoulder. <3
    Hugs and purrs.....

  19. What a wonderful fellow. He does look like he enjoyed being a country boy. I wish he could have stayed longer. I know what you mean by some days being harder than others.

  20. Kane was such a handsome boy. Living with all those cats made him extra special I think. I woke up with tears this morning missing Charlie. It just hits sometimes doesn't it. Big Hugs to you Deb.

  21. beautiful pictures of your wonderful snoopervisor! know how hard it is too, had tears in my eyes looking at your wonderful memories, that i was thinking how i too miss my darling B.B. i totally miss having a dog around, they are such wonderful companions.
    thanx for sharing

  22. He had a wonderful home with you and Gary, Deb. Those are good memories. I know it's hard, I still grieve for those who have gone over the bridge.

  23. Kane was able to live long enough to make the trip to the new home. He had time, however short, to enjoy the country lifestyle and enjoy the land that would become the forever home of his mortal remains.
    Loved for a lifetime and at eternal rest with family members who have gone before. Blessed boy.

    1. Thank you, Kari. I will remember your words on the sad days.

  24. I think Kane was truly at peace in his last sorry, Deb, it's so terrible losing a loved pet xo

  25. Kane was your Director of Gardens for sure. I miss seeing him on your posts, so I can't imagine how much you must miss him.