Saturday, April 16, 2016

Company.... of the feathery & furry kind.

After a hardy breakfast out and a trip to the nursery, I spent much of the day raking. Wowza! But that's ok as it will only get better the more I clean up the property. It will take one hundred years to finish this place with all the plans I have. :(

Here in Ontario, smart gardeners wait 'til the long weekend in May to plant their flowers and veggies. I'm just itching to see flowers around here so I picked up a few pansies, the hardiest of blooms, and will plant them in pots this week.
And, if we have any more cold nights I'll pop them into the little portable green-house.

I did add a few pansies to the side of the old out-house today. To humour people, if for nothing else.
This out-house has sat on this land for over a hundred years. 
And if I have anything to do with it, it will be here for one hundred more.
I have fun keeping it clean and decorated.
This is the side of it facing the mouse-house.
These leaves are staying.
                                                 Check out those vines. Creeeeeepy.

While I tidied up around the OH I had some company. The kind of company that stops me in my tracks and takes all my attention.

This is Buddy from next door; David's brother. He's a lot more shy than Dave and will run for the hills if you say anything to him. Give me time, though, and I might have him rolling over for belly rubs.

Simon's friend chowed down only inches from my foot and the juncos were all around me at the new feeding area I created.

 Since I'll be working at keeping my veggies sprouts alive through the month of May and will be in the little green-house, I wanted some cute company. Chickadees, juncos, downy wood-peckers, sparrows and finch are all about. This little guy was sitting on a pot inside where it's nice and humid. I call them Hairy Mollies. He's welcome, too.

Well, not all visitors are adorable.
Three of these lovelies came by to steal what they could and give me the stink-eye.

And now that spring has really sprung...I'm back to my 1 hour morning walk. No more excuses.
You need a coat early morning but by noon a pull-over will do.
It's warming up finally. Spring has hit Ontario.
Audrey is doing well; back to her old self and driving me nuts. She's not 100% yet but better everyday in spite of her acrobats. I am so very thankful. Thank you all for your good wishes.

Let's look back a bit...

Here's a photo of a much-loved kitty-client that I cared for through my cat-sitting service in the town we recently moved from.
This is Moe.
He loved his hair brushed as long as you started from the top slowly and worked your way down. Which is, by the way, the proper way to brush a cat. He was an indoor/outdoor kitty who roamed around on his lovely property keeping all the tiny critters in line. I loved his big personality and that handsome, regal face. I sure do miss him.
Next time, I'll show you Moe's side-kick.

Hope the sun is shining where you are.

hugs, Deb


  1. Well I just really do love your little outhouse! And the panzies just pretty it up so much.

  2. Hi Deb, I love seeing your quaint outhouse. I'd also ensure it stays many more years. Good to hear Audrey is mending by the day. And Moe is one handsome cat. I love Buddy and sure he'll let you belly-rub him one day soon. Have a great day. Jo

  3. So glad that spring has arrived there! Can't wait to see your garden this summer!

    My! Dave's brother and Moe are both so wonderful! Thanks for sharing their photos with us.


  4. Oh! Those poor pansies...Stuck up there
    all alone..."Willie..There not alone".
    Pansies are my most 'flavourite' flower.

    And, l love the old out~house....with it's
    ventilation gap on the side! HeHe! Bet it's
    seen some paper in it's time! :).

    And...little Simon...he's a star! Love him!x
    Turkey's...Less said the better! Horrid things!
    As l said before, they look good...In the oven!

  5. Your place is beautiful and I love how all the little critters keep close to you. Funny how animals know who they can trust. The outhouse is so cute! I've enjoyed meeting the cats you've cared for. Aren't they beautiful cats!

  6. Those turkeys are interesting but gosh, they look like they could eat you out of house and home! Just wait till the chicks arrive.
    Moe is certainly a regal looking Kitty and what a handsome face. He's beautifully groomed, Deb, his fur looks like silk.

  7. Furry and feathered company is the absolute best kind :)

  8. I love reading about all of your critters. Those pansies are a perfect addition to your outhouse. Since you are the "cat lady", I was wondering if you have advise about how to convince a new, timid cat to use the litter box, not just the floor close to the litter box. Have a beautiful spring weekend! -Jenn

    1. There are a few things you can try. There is a product that you can add to the litter that will attract the cat to the box. It can be purchased from your vet. A larger box might help, also. Be sure it is in a quiet area away from all traffic. If your cat is sharing this box I would suggest you add a second box. =^..^=

  9. I love seeing cats roam around outdoors. I can't let my cats out because I'm about 100 feet from the roadway. It's a rural roadway and people drive like they're on the speedway. My babies wouldn't last long out there. Moe is lovely. The décor to the outhouse is perfect. ha Have a great weekend!

  10. Very nice outhouse look! Isn't it wonderful to have this lovely outside weather!

  11. The sun has been shining all weekend! Spring has finally arrived I do believe. It put us in the mood to get some chores done and it felt so good to do that! I have a pot of pansies on the porch..just need to watch for frost at night!

    Glad to hear about Audrey!

  12. Sure happy to hear that Audrey is on the mend. And this was such a pretty post, Deb. Did you get your new camera? Love the outhouse décor! Love from rainy Nebraska ><>

    1. No new camera yet. My birthday's coming up though. lol

  13. Flowers already, eh? Yes, spring has come.

  14. What is that little hairy Molly? I'm not familiar! Moe is gorgeous!!! I've been out in the garden a ton this weekend and although quite sore, couldn't be happier! Enjoy, Deb!!

  15. Glad that Audrey is doing well, the little scamp. Her fur color is just gorgeous! I believe you when you say you'll have Buddy rolling over for belleh rubs!

  16. I love your little outhouse! The cheerful pansies add just the right touch. I had to scroll back a few posts to see what happened to Audrey. Glad she is on the mend. Probably a lot harder on you than on her!

  17. Yes Spring has finally come to Ontario! We are just south of you & last week it was -12 yesterday +24 - oh the extremes. I was tempted to buy a pot or two of pansies since the ice storm has killed off any chance for tulips :(
    Glad Miss Audrey is returning to herself. I am enjoying your trip of photos of previous clients.