Thursday, April 7, 2016

Quite the bird show.

It snowed all afternoon and night and we are covered in white again. Not funny...not at all.
I don't think even Audrey was impressed.

"Simon...are you under there?"
Hope the little guy stays toasty warm.

The birds were frantic at the feeders by late afternoon.
There was lots of fighting over the food. 
They seemed to have their feathers in a knot.
I guess they panic thinking this weather is here to stay.
We threw lots of extra seed out the door as the feeders were emptied.

Finches, sparrows, chickadees, juncos, cardinals....they were all here and hungry.
 Oh, this is depressing but the bird show was wonderful.

If I was that ground-hog that predicted six weeks 'til Spring I'd be running for the hills.

The weatherman says it will warm up today so I'm hanging on to his every word.

hugs, Deb


  1. I must say that is quite a bird show!!
    We had the same crap got up to 5 degrees...whooppee! most all is melted now...and...about darn time!!
    Geesh...lets get this show on the road!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  2. Heard the prettiest birdsong this morning; unknown bird, can't say I've heard it before either. However, the song made my heart believe...for a moment...that Spring is here, even if we cannot see it right now.

  3. Oh no ! more snow? that sucks ! Lovely photos . We have had all rain down here . I guess you must be in the snow belt area then . Hope it all melts fast and spring shows up there for good soon. Thanks for sharing , try and have a good day !

  4. I hear of so many people getting snow. Just rain here, but very chilly. I have to get out and fill up my bird feeder. It empties so quickly.

  5. Wow! I'd have my feathers in a knot, too!
    purrs and hugs ....

  6. The birds are not impressed one bit by that weather! It seems to be better in the afternoon than it was this morning, at least getting around.

  7. We don't have snow on the ground but it blows around as flurries. Damp, cold and windy. Brrr.

  8. Birds really put a dent in seed. I've always suspected they have a sign pointing the direction ;-)

    Our last surprise snow was gone by evening. It was the kind of snow I like!

  9. That's almost unbelievable Deb! I'm not sure whom I feel the most sorry for, the birds, you, or little Simon who must be stuck in his hole! Hope he at least has a food stash - thanks to you - down there!

    Here's to a fast melt down!
    Hugs - Mary

  10. Wow ! What a beautiful photos of birdies !
    Thank you for your good wish for me =^x^=
    Stay warm Deb

  11. Oh Deb, those bird photo's are exquisite! Love the little goldfinch. They're so adorable. You certainly have a knack for photographing animals.
    Mother Nature surely pulled a dirty deed by sending more snow to her animal friends. Hopefully, she'll rue her error and let spring return.

  12. Full house! When life gives you snowballs, make "bird TV!"

  13. I think Simon woke up from hibernation too early this year.

  14. The bird show is wonderful, but all that snow...well it's time for a good warm up!!

  15. Oh good grief! You must be so tired of that cold snowy weather and ready for spring! I've never seen anything like it. So many of our trees and flowers have turned brown from the latest cold snap. At least, it's pretty at your place.

  16. The poor birds here were ravenous after that snowfall the other day! Your birds look well-fed! :)