Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Around and about the mouse house today.

The sun is shining

                           as the cats wash up after breakfast.

                                Say "AHHHHHH", Audrey.

                                  "Ahhhhhhhhh.....get lost."
                                                       She's back to her old self. :)

 Red, the little scamp, is frisky as all get out. He's flying from feeder to feeder, somersaulting through the air. He's as happy as I am to feel Spring in the air.

The grandittles came by for a romp around the property. And, Ry, our little naturalist, delighted in the many worms that live inside the dirt hills. I guess the robins left a few behind.
"And I like snakes, too, nan."

"Good grief!"
Ry & her mom.
3 year old Bradley contemplating his next move.

Ry will be turning 6 next month. And Grandittle #5 will be welcomed this coming June. A sister for Riley & Bradley.
We have a busy summer ahead but not near as busy as my son's family. :) Great times ahead.

Let's look back a bit...
Here's a photo of a much-loved kitty-client that I cared for through my cat-sitting service in the town we recently moved from. 
His name is Puff and he is friend and confidante to Moe.What a charming cat he was to care for. I loved spending time with this shy but curious fella. He, too, loved to be brushed and would compete for my attention as I sat on the floor, brush in hand, with the two handsome furr-balls stretched out beside me.

That sure was a lot of hair to take care of, but goodness, I miss that face. =^..^=

hugs, Deb


  1. Ah! Bless! Audrey!x Your the very
    You look like a million dollars...
    ALL green and crinkly...! HeHe! :).
    Joke! Joke! :).

    Oh! Your little Ry must be very clever
    and intelligent...She's wearing 'pink'.
    HeHe! suits her...Perhaps Grandma should
    look round for a pink pair of wellies, to
    go with the outfit...Burfday prezzie...!!!
    (sssssh! I've got a pair).

  2. I bet they love coming and exploring your fun! They look adorable!

  3. Thought I would check in and see if by some chance Audrey could brighten my day...I go for the injection today. And she did! That Audrey is a mess. She makes me laugh! Well actually you and Audrey. Together you are so funny. You have the sweetest cutest grandchildren.

  4. I can't believe that little Ry is almost 6!! Of course Tiger just turned 5 so it must be true. They grow so fast. Audrey you make me laugh out loud. Looks like Spring in your yard.

  5. Audrey IS back, isn't she! What a hoot. I just love her! And you, too!

  6. Lovely weather,eh?
    I am sure the kiddies love running around and exploring...
    Kids will be kids!
    You sure have a busy summer ahead...building plans??
    Enjoy your day,Deb..
    Linda :o)

  7. I love to see children in wellies, it means they can get as messy as they like, while exploring. My daughter loved getting muddy and jumping in puddles.

    What adorable kitties ♥

  8. Good to know that Audrey is herself again--how we love the 'naughty ones.' Exploring outdoors with young grandchildren is a special time--I remember. Mine are now all in their 20's.

  9. Puff is a grand fellow! One must love that Audrey face.

  10. Your grandittles are just gorgeous - as is that fluffy kitty!!! Nice to see the pansies out, Deb!!