Friday, April 15, 2016

She's done me in.

Well, I've pretty much given up trying to keep down this crazy cat.

                                       "I knew I'd do her in."
The only place she hasn't jumped to today is the top of the fridge and she's probably thinking she'll keep that for the finale tonight.
She is a brave one; a lion cub; a majestic wild beast.
She's fast and furious and leaves me in the dust. 
I 'd say she's on the mend.

I show her a sunny spot in the mouse-house and instead of lying down she plays shadow games.
Ah, she's a pistol and no one will keep her still.

Why can't she be lazy like her momma.


It's a beeeeeautiful day here.
Here's two birdies joining me at the little portable greenhouse.

And Simon's friend dropped by. 
But he must have been busy 'cause he just came to the door and then disappeared again. He may be nervous about losing his 5-star den to a free-loader. Hard to tell. 

"I can't play right now. I'm cleaning house."
I can't blame the little guy...he's spoiled rotten. Although, he could use a new house sign. I'll get on that.

                                  Let's look back a bit...

As I mentioned, I'd like to show you a photo a day of my much-loved kitty-clients from my cat-sitting service in the area where we used to live.
Drum-roll please.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you the stunningly beautiful Serena. Or as I fondly called her

                                          L'il Blue Eyes.

When I first met Serena I was absolutely taken back by her beauty. And in time, I thought of her as the most gorgeous cat, inside and out, that I had ever had the privilege to know.
She was a silly one who loved to roll back and forth on the floor while I
combed her soft, silky coat. I'd have done anything for her. She had me wrapped around her paw. She was a cat that was hard to leave and I still miss this beauty.

Well, I'd better go see what Audrey is up to.
A ping-pong ball just came flying out of the bedroom. *sigh*

hugs, Deb


  1. Ooh Audrey, what a warrior-cat you are, full of mischief and fun !
    Love your bird shots and that little chipmunk is a character :)
    Serena is just gorgeous, her eyes could melt your heart.
    Have a wonderful weekend Deb !

  2. Audrey definitely sounds to be on the mend.

  3. Hi Deb, I'm a new follower of your blog and I have to say you and your kitty tales (no pun intended) have kept me in stitches. Love it! :)

  4. So glad to hear that Audrey is up and about. Although I wish she was "up" if it would be a good thing. Some cats sure love the heights!

    And isn't Serena beautiful. I have long admired Snowshoe cats! Lovely beyond words.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Better the ping pong ball flying rather than Audrey flying! Too funny. She must be mended. Say Hi to Simon!

  6. Not that I really thought you had a chance against Audrey, but it's good you tried. I would say she is on the mend. Love the cat photo, what beautiful eyes.

  7. The first photo of Audrey is wonderful...shows her personality! Glad you are having better weather; we are too, yay! Serena is to die for...stunning!

  8. Oh Deb! Have I been in a coma? How in the world I missed your last three posts, I will never know. I am so sorry to hear about Audrey's fall. It must have scared you to death! We had a Lab once that jumped and somehow landed on his tail. It did get well but it must have hurt terribly bad. Poor Audrey, and poor you too. It sounds like a job keeping her quiet. Bless her heart. She couldn't have a better nurse than you though. Will you give her a hug for me?

  9. The first picture of Aubrey cracks me up. That look is absolutely saying "I want to do her in." haha

    Serena is stunning.

  10. So glad Audrey is feeling better!

    That Serena is absolutely stunning! wow!

  11. That Audrey certainly puts you through the paces, doesn't she? Good thing she is so loved! Hugs to you xo

  12. beautiful Audrey and I must say that yellow pillow caught my eye, wow that looks amazing!! beautiful photos,,

  13. Audrey is my favorite cat of all time!

  14. Audrey has too much to do to be coddled. Maybe she'll start slowing down in a decade or so.

  15. Well, you know, l saw/read this post 6:30
    this morn'in..UK time of course!
    And, it's no secret, l'm quite an emotional
    chap...It's being a Sicilian l suppose. I get
    emotional not only over sad things, but, happy
    (cute) things...Silly l know...But, there it is.
    It's nearly 11:30 now, and l've looked at this
    post some half dozen times....Ah! Bless!x
    Audrey's a star...That's already established....
    And Simon...Well...Well...(lost for words..)!!!x
    And then, coming to Serena...Goodness! Look at
    those eyes!
    Love it! Love it! Love it! Look out! Here comes
    that ping~pong ball....!
    HeHe! I think Audrey has a 'tale' to tell..!!!x

  16. Well, I suspect if Audrey was hurting too much, she wouldn't be jumping so I think she is well on the mend and time for you to relax about her! Boy, I wish I repaired so well and so quickly!

  17. Bravo Audrey! And Li'l Blue Eyes is stunning.

  18. Audrey doesnt like doctors orders it seems! Ha ha ha lol im so glad shes mending quickly! Wow serena has amazing eyes for sure!! Are they real or contacts??!lol

  19. Hi Deb,
    I was catching up on your blog and what a nice surprise to see Serena featured here! A little older now, she still uses her beauty and goofy personality to shamelessly get whatever she wants out of me. :) Like all your past clients, I'm sure, we really miss having such a wonderful cat-sitter for our little "queen".

    So happy Audrey is doing better and a 5th grandchild! What great news!