Monday, April 4, 2016

Flying and hopping around the mouse-house.

It's been very cold the last few days. The wind is nasty and we are back to wearing coats again.

Thank goodness the sun is shining so we don't all fall into a deep well of depression over this un-welcomed weather.

Annie doesn't care as long as she has her sun-puddles and perfectly-timed meals. She doesn't need much to be very content with her life.
She joins me as I look at one of my favorite blogs.

Audrey, on the other hand, needs entertainment all her waking hours (which aren't much).
She loves her bird-watching, as much as any cat, but she also wants time with me whenever the need hits her. She has become quite comfortable with being carted around the mouse-house; over my shoulder or cradled like a sleeping baby. Her needs are changing as she ventures towards her fifth year with us. She even considers her grooming time to be acceptable since it means time spent with me. I'm loving this change in her.
But...she hates the camera.
                                                           Here come the birdies.

Suet is back up while we have this cold weather. You would not believe how fast the chickadees found it and gorged on it this morning. This will help them get through the cold nights ahead.

Here is our resident bunny taken through the mouse-house kitchen window.
 Let's call him Thumper. lol  I love watching him hop around and boy, can he move when he wants to.
Every night, after dark, he comes by again to snack at the feeders near the garage. I put out some apple for him/her.

That's all the goings-on with our furry & feathered friends at the mouse-house.
We've been busy with house plans. More on that later.

Stay warm.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love sun puddles and regularly timed meals to! lol,,
    Its such a shame that its still this cold isn't it but spring will come and they say Ontario will have a hot summer,,,such beautiful kitties,,

  2. Your little kitties are gorgeous - oh, that Annie is so photogenic! Too bad Audrey hates the camera....but I get it, so do I.

  3. Audrey's hatred of the camera is very well established at this point!

  4. Oh such adorable chickadees! Mine seem to be busy nesting in that hanging box on the porch - wish Audrey could see them coming and going!

    Sorry it's still so cold - blowing warm air your way dear Deb!
    Mary x

  5. I am a little frustrated with weather these days I was enjoying the nice weather we were having . Lovely photos . Unlike Audrey Miggs loves the camera as for Harley she couldn't care either way lol ! Oh you have a cute bunny there ours haven't ventured out that I know of yet either that or the fox and feral cats have been snatching them up ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  6. Well, you know we kind of love that Audrey hate your camera....we get those cute and funny scowls of hers that way!

    When Star is awake (usually the morning hours) she has to be right with me no matter what I'm doing...laundry, cooking, computer...she's recently discovered the dryer is warm to lay on and watches me fold the clothes. lol...

  7. I wish Lizzie was a "carry me" girl like Audrey. Well, she's still sweet. I love seeing your girls and observing their differences!

  8. Has Audrey's relationship with Annie changed too?
    Somewhere along the line, time must have gotten stuck for me. I cannot believe Audrey is comming on to her fifth year!

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  10. Cats always stick to their routines - until they change them. It's funny how their characters evolve. My Josie actually allows me to hold her now - for maybe ten seconds at a time.

  11. That is so sweet of Audrey. We have high winds and cold temperatures today too. Funny, the weatherman says this cold air is coming down from Canada. Maybe I should thank you. :) Take care.

  12. Love that...'sun puddles'! Annie and Audrey know how to enjoy that beautiful sunshine. Everyone looks happy waiting for spring. Sweet little bunny and chickadees. xo K