Monday, April 25, 2016

Simple sunny day

It's fun to check on my potted plants and sprouts each morning as the sun fills the greenhouse.
I always have the sweetest company as they stop by to see what's on the breakfast table. It's been a busy drive-thru this morning.

Annie will be happy to know her cat grass has broken through the soil and in two weeks she will have fresh grass to munch on in the mouse-house. I have two pots growing for her.

Catalpa tree.


Thank you for all the nice comments yesterday. I know we all have those days where we miss our loved ones so much.
Those days hit you out of nowhere.

Time to get out and do more raking.
Planning for the veggie garden has begun. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. oooo, lovely little sprouts and a sweet chickadee, life is good!!
    I understand your sorrow yesterday, I hope that your heart found some comfort with those that have not left this earth,, memories sometimes are all we have ,, sending a big hug!

  2. Your photos today make me happy and ready to put out some flowers in my garden. I'm ready for some smiles instead of tears today.

  3. We were gone at the crucial time to plant garden seeds indoors. :-( I'm enjoying looking at yours though. And the teacup feeder is SO cute! :-)

  4. Your seedlings look really good! So green and healthy! I love the little squirrel stacked up with the feeders. Just read your post from yesterday. We all surely do have those days. Glad you're feeling better today.

  5. Love the photos! I'm buying the kids a bird feeder next week. I think they will really enjoy watching the birds

  6. That squirrel, like all squirrels, looks like he's plotting something devious.

  7. Looks like all is growing well there . I have been out in the gardens today to separating plants and trance planting them , I am looking in to getting a green house of some sort or maybe even just a growing stand as we already have lots of flowering shrubs trees and perennials but I like to try to grow my own veggies and a few annuals . Lovely photos , our Chickadees have and juncos have gone now but all the other spring and summer birds are returning . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. Looks like spring has arrived in you neck of the woods! Isn't it divine? The whole thing makes me smile!

  9. I had to relocate all my feeders today so the deck could get a refresh - poor critters are lost!!

  10. Happy birds! And those little sprouts are looking great!

  11. Hi Deb, all so sunny and productive. I plant bird seed and when these shoots come up, my cats eat them. Love seeing Audrey in the second pic. Thanks for sharing this serenity! Jo

  12. Delightful photos of critters and your plants! I love your bird feeder with tea cup. Very unique and so cute! We see chickadees at our feeder a lot, too. They are such pretty birds :-)

  13. Deb, we had a huge Catalpa tree in our backyard when we moved to Texas in 1971. Loved it! And always enjoy your pics!

  14. Cute squirrel ! My cats always eat fresh grass outside and then gently return home to vomit on a carpet !

  15. The plants are growing and growing like Jack and the Beanstalk !
    I grow catmint for the Oliver and Tom-Tilly, it has the most beautiful lavender blooms.
    Love your pictures Deb, you are a true nurturer :)

  16. Deb, I had a good laugh at how much zucchini you have going there! You are going to have enough to feed the whole neighborhood.
    Love that pic. of Annie having her little bit of milk.
    My heart just ached for you missing your dear Kane the other day.
    Nebraska ><>