Monday, May 23, 2016

A perfect long weekend.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful long weekend. The weather was perfect for all out-door activities, especially gardening.
I quickly found out that time spent doing out-door work has to end by 6pm or you are eaten alive by mosquitoes. Wow...they are insane here. Behind our garden is a Little Red Riding Hood woodlot which explains why we are inundated with the nasty varmints.

As the sun beat down, all my company at the mouse-house looked for shade trees to relax under . 
It was a popular spot right next to Simon's house. 

The veggies are all in now (thanks Frank & Joe (above) for your man-power) and care of the garden begins. It's exciting to see just how well it does being our first one here. I'll be happy if the yellow bean plants explode out there. 

The spoiled pup, Forest, has returned home after a fun time investigating every square inch of this property. And he had a good run at our neighbours where the open field allows for good ball play.
I do believe we exhausted the crazy fruit loop. 'Til next time...

And it's lilac time in our part of the world. I have a beautiful lilac bush right at the entrance to the property and I've been waiting for it to fully bloom so I can share it's beauty with you.
Here is a glimpse of how they look now. Another day and they should be at their best.
                                          Audrey & the lilacs
                                                                and my Peach.

I'll be back...

hugs, Deb


  1. Your Annie is such a beauty--that profile! And, Audrey's tail is quite attractive too. lol
    Love from rainy Nebraska ><>

  2. I love the fragrance of lilacs, but here in southern Alberta, the blooms are mostly done already.

  3. Looks like a beautiful weekend was had by all. I love seeing Audrey, even if it's only her tail. Is Peach an elderly cat? or just quieter than Audrey?

    1. Hi Jo - Annie aka Peach is Audrey's mom. She is about a year and a half older than the audacious one.

    2. Ah OK I get the picture!

  4. Sounds perfect to me, too, Deb! Love that big shade tree and all your Adirondack chairs. Annie has the prettiest green eyes. We are having cool, gray skies here. Enjoy that beautiful sunshine! xx Karen

  5. What a lovely weekend! My lilacs are nearly ready also - I can't wait to cut a few for the house! Your little peach is gorgeous!

  6. Can't grow lilacs here and I really miss them......

  7. Great pic of everyone relaxing under that tree. What a perfect spot! Do you have to worry about the West Nile or Zika virus brought by mosquitoes there?

  8. Little Annie does have the sweetest profile. I love lilacs ! You're so lucky to be able to have them.

  9. How lovely to have gardening help! You all look so relaxed but I bet you were beat! Lovely here too -- they are predicting storms but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for gentle rain from midnight to 6 a.m.!

  10. Lilacs are a fresh new smell for the kitties. I wonder if they remember it from previous years.