Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Let's walk about with Simon...

The sun shone bright this morning

and although the temperature went very low last night it was nice and warm in the funny little greenhouse.
It's time now to transfer the sunflowers into the pots that I can plant along the front fence. I want lots of sunflowers this year but expect that I may lose a few to our resident squirrels.

Here's Red
enjoying some seeds right outside the door.

After breakfast Simon followed me everywhere. 
I find myself talking to him like he's a little human.


He enjoyed a second breakfast at the perennials while his little friend chowed down at the feeder.

There does not seem to be any activity in my newest bird houses yet. They both are attached to 8 ft. poles.
I placed them right near the little forest at the back where birds love to hang out
I hope a little bird, any bird, finds one charming enough to move in and start a family.
I'm not fussy.
I'll take anything.
Goodness, aren't they cute enough?

Here you see where we will have a small garden this summer. Small in comparison to some I've seen but big enough to keep a few families in veggies this summer. The robins spend much of the morning here digging for worms.

Lots of watering needed  in the greenhouse with the help of my very handy rain barrel.

Oh, it looks like I have other help, too.
Do you see him in between the two dark pots? That's Simon being as nosey as all get out.
Yes, he walked right in and had a look-see today. Little weirdo!

Hope your day is a sunny one.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb. I love reading your posts. And those beautiful pictures are always fantastic. Your garden looks great and those two furry girls look wonderful. I'll be waiting here for more from you every day. You make my day!

  2. Pretty soon you'll be able to call Simon and he'll come right up to you. I've never heard of a chipmunk being so tame as he is! And to stay year after year in the same location, very strange.
    The cats, as always, look very sweet. Even Audrey!

  3. Walkin' and Talkin' with Simon. What could be more fun! Although reading about him is a close second! Thanks!

    I am loving how your little greenhouse is growing your plants so well. I used to love having mine and am thrilled for you to be enjoying yours so much.


  4. Simon is such a love! What a dear little friend. I love hearing about him. He reminds me of a squirrel who was very friendly to me in my younger years. She became so used to me that she would run up and look me in the face. I would then hand her peanuts in the shell. What's treat she was!

  5. I need a rain barrel...we were just talking about it last week!

    That Simon is just adorable. I'd talk to him, too! He's part of the family!

  6. Oh, Deb, that is so sweet that Simon follows you around! I think animals know who loves them, don't you?!
    Nebraska ><>

  7. Funny..How something very small can
    make ones day...? Hiya! Simon, how
    ya do'in bro...? Bless!x
    As they say..small is beautiful..!!!

    The bird~houses look lovely....In fact
    if the holes were big enough...l'd move
    in...! :).

  8. Your squirrel and chipmunk friends are very cute! We see them around here as well. They sure are fun to watch :-)
    I hope some birds will move in your bird houses!
    Have a great day xoxo

  9. I sure hope you have better luck with the sunflowers vs the critters than I did! Oh that Simon, I love seeing his antics!

  10. Of course you talk to Simon. You talk to Audrey and Annie ... right??? I talk to the fish!!!! Fun walk about.

  11. Your gang is looking happy today! It's sunny here and I have a few seeds to take care of myself today! Ah! Life is good right now.

  12. Dare we say that Spring has arrived?

  13. Simon's definitely accustomed to you!

  14. I love squirrels but they are so destructive. Just this week I had to take down a squirrel feeder. They just would not behave themselves. They showed no mercy to my potted plants, digging and uprooting with abandon. They scampered and played all over my upholstered patio furniture. Finally I had to call a halt.

  15. I can't believe how you have tamed that little Simon. You sure have a way with animals. It is so sweet. You have inspired me to enjoy my little greenhouse again. I need to add some fun things. It is, after all, more like a playhouse. I loved seeing Gwynn in your last post. She has grown, and still adorable.