Saturday, May 14, 2016

Welcoming friends and flowers to the mouse-house.

It's been fun to walk around the property to see what is springing to life now.
Forget me not.
So, so pretty.

and after the rain... purple Iris

The lilacs are about to bloom
and all our trees have leaves now.
The perennials are up and ready to show their colours.

I have added a new bird-house (a beautiful Mother's Day gift from my daughter) in hopes of welcoming a little family here.
But, so far, our bird-house checker-upper has no tenants to report.
But she sure does love her job. :)

The rain held off for two of my favorite ladies to visit the mouse-house.
Donna & Deborah, both well-known artists in the area, drove out to have a walk-about and catch up over a hot cup of tea and cake.
Donna, on the far right, was one of my first cat-sitting clients where I used to live and has become a good friend over the years.
Do you remember photos of Otis, Rosie & Lola?
Sadly, we lost Rosie & Otis over the years and now Miss Lola is the queen of her home.

My visitors toured the funny little greenhouse
and Simon followed us everywhere.
He was such a little weirdo today; popping up from behind rocks to entertain his fans.
While we sat at the old pump he had a snack and listened to us chat.
He was showing off his 'pack 'em in' skills.
Where does he put it all?
Then he ran in and out of his house to show the ladies where he spends his leisure time.

Hope you are enjoying spring weather where you are; whether rain or shine.
Every day brings more surprises.
hugs, Deb


  1. Ah! Little Simon...Bless the little man!x
    He's a star...!x

    And, it has to be said, when ever Audrey!x
    preforms...up go the comments!
    Deb..Think it's about time you gathered a few
    'posy' photos of the young lady, put them in
    an album and send it off to an agency of some
    sort...! She's a natural..!
    HeHe! And the word 'catwalk' would be very
    appropriate..! :). (Simon could be her agent).

  2. What a fun walk-around the mouse house with Simon and friends!

  3. I love those big cheeks on Simon! Lola looks just like our new little Scooter kitten. The picture of Gwyn peeking in the birdhouse is adorable. Have a nice weekend. -Jenn

  4. How fun to welcome guests to the Mouse House. It sounds like a delightful gathering! Our irises haven't surfaced yet so good for you! Of course, the snow that was coming down this morning (yes, really) isn't helping much. This too will pass... Happy Sunday.

  5. I just love these little peeks into your life, Deb! I'll be mowing today and then packing away flowers in advance of tonight's frost.....ugggghhhh.

  6. Chipmunk pictures is so adorable! Love the pics!

  7. Simon's quite a ham, isn't he?

    I did see a lilac bush starting to show this morning.

  8. I love seeing how spring "erupts" when it comes in Ontario! What takes weeks to happen here goes crazy overnight at your home! It must all but make you dizzy!

    And Simon! I believe by the end of the summer he is going to be riding around on your shoulder as you work outdoors! He is just too cute and thinks of you as his BFF!


  9. Oh, don't you just love showing friends your place in the country! You have such a pretty place! I love your little greenhouse! I believe the Forget me not was Tasha Tudor's favorite flower. They will not grow here in my yard. The purple Iris are beautiful!

  10. Happy to see those sweet lil irises blooming. Crazy wee Simon ---- I think his cousin is making his home somewhere on Herriot Street :-)