Monday, May 9, 2016

Always room for one more.

I'm making room for my Lemon Symphony
in the funny little greenhouse.
It's still too cold here at night to have plants outside so this will be happy to be tucked in with my veggie seedlings 'til it's planting time in our area.
That would be the last weekend of May
and not a minute sooner.
Herbs are just popping through.
They are slow but well worth the wait.

Things are coming along although some much quicker than others.

Thinning seedlings.
The largest tomato seedlings were left in the original pots while the weaker ones (smaller) went to a new pot. I just couldn't snip them off at the soil and throw them in the compost so I potted them up as extras.
I'm a bit too nurturing for that.

Sunflowers will be planted in two weeks along our fence.
It's soon time to divide them up.

Lemon Symphony
from the Daisy family. :)

It's good that I have a dirt floor as it can get awfully messy in here.
The little red radio is solar-powered and plays classical music for my
seedlings. I think they love it. :) 

to close up the greenhouse for the night
tuck in the ladies.
" dirty looks, please."
=^..^= =^..^=



  1. your little seedlings are looking awesome! can't wait to see it all out in the garden.
    what an interesting & beautiful daisy!
    thanx for sharing

  2. Your garden will be blooming soon. Love the two girls with their looks.

  3. The flowers are beautiful--so cheery!
    Audrey and Annie are adorable.

  4. I love your little green house. How fun to watch things sprout and grow!! Oh those girls, what faces that Audrey makes.

  5. Your little green house is getting the job done. So many wonderful veggies and herbs. Love the daisies -- such a happy flower.
    Hugs and Purrs ....

  6. It's looking great! And herbs are ALWAYS worth the wait!

  7. Your little greenhouse is adorable! You've got it filled just right. Couldn't you just stay in there and play? You must have a green thumb! I loved reading that Audrey brought you a spider for Mother's Day. She is a mess!

  8. everything looks wonderful,, the cats loveliest of all,

  9. You're getting quite a lot of use out of the greenhouse.

    Audrey is looking suitably ferocious!

  10. That's a great greenhouse, and your "Lemon Symphony" is so beautiful!

  11. What happy little seedlings you have! Can you send me a link to your funny little greenhouse? I think next season I must have one, for sure. By the way, I did the same thing with my tomato seedlings - I couldn't kill any!!