Friday, May 27, 2016

The beginnings of a garden and a romance at the mouse-house.

Well, it's not going to grow with silver bells and cockle shells, that's for sure.
And there's no maidens in a row helping out, either.
It will grow with hard work, water and prayer. lol
I'm pretty sure my grandmother will have a hand in it, too.

Here's my veggie garden as of last week.
It doesn't look like much right now but I see lots of good eating ahead.
We left rows of grass for walking between the vegetables. That can be mowed easily.
The soil is mixed with a rich mushroom compost and it's watered daily.
I've planted zucchini, cucumbers, multi-coloured sweet peppers and chili peppers.
Carrots, parsnips and spanish onions. Yellow beans, green beans, squash, beets & a row of tomatoes. Ten tomato plants should feed an army. Much of this was started in the funny little green-house.

All veggie gardens need a chair close by.
The teepee of boards and chopped wood is home to a chipmunk family so it has to stay put for awhile longer. I wonder if it's Simon's family? If it is he still spends most of his time at his own den under the old pump platform. I guess he needs his own space plus he knows I leave him treats there. ;-)

This new one is pretty cute.

And I've fallen head over heels for this wee one below.
 Is she not the cutest thing ever.
I want to say this is Simon's girlfriend
and if there is any advice on how to make a chipmunk fall for another please feel free to comment. You don't have to leave your name. lol
She spent much of the afternoon watching me in the garden, and after a meal of seeds and apple, she went back to her home in the wood pile in front of the sumac trees.
She looks like a she to me.
A she with a truck-driver appetite.

I'll keep you posted on a possible
new romance at the mouse-house.

 Annie will continue to enjoy our sunny days and wishes you a very happy weekend.

hugs, Deb


  1. The Serious Side of Things.....!
    Chipmunk Reproduction....
    Chipmunk breeding season occurs in early spring and then again in early summer. Litters of 4 – 5 young are produced after a gestation period of 30 days. Western chipmunks only breed once a year. Young are born in burrows where they remain for about 6 weeks. Within 2 weeks of emerging from their burrows they become independent and begin to gather their own stores of food for the winter ahead. Chipmunks are social animals, and both the male and female raise their young. Chipmunks have a life span of 2 – 7 years in the wild.

    And, l totally agree....She looks like a she....!!! :).
    Her head/face looks a little more pointed than Simon's.
    Prettier to..! But, then what do l know about it..HeHe!
    And, as falling for each other...Like any other animal
    l suppose...'Let them get on with it'. They certainly
    don't need books! :). Bless them!x

  2. Love your garden. The grass between the rows is so much nicer than a solid patch of worked up soil.
    No idea how to get chipmunks to fall in love. She's so cute I don't think Simon will be able to resist.

    Lovely picture of the adorable Annie. She's such a sweet girl.

  3. Aww, she is cute. I think she looks like a she too. Is romance in the air?

    You have done a lot of work in that vegetable garden. I could never begin to eat that much. This year my vegetables consist of three tomato plants.

  4. Your garden is looking wonderful! You will be able to feed an army of vegetarians. :) :) The Chipmunks are just too cute. Peach is a beauty.

  5. You get the most amazing photos of your critters, Deb! And your veggie garden looks great! No bother with deer on your land? If I had my veggies outside a fence I'd never get any!

    1. Thanks, Deb. Our neighbours on both sides don't fence theirs in and says they never have any taken. Fingers crossed.

  6. What a fun to watch the garden grow, love bloom and sweet Annie sleep.

  7. The garden looks great!
    The chipmunk is pretty cute.Hope there will be little ones ;)
    Enjoy a nice nap Annie with the pretty face.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. The chippies are good company- though I imagine the cats would think of them more as a good snack. Hopefully the garden gets through the summer without any presence of rabbits causing trouble.

  9. Your garden looks great!! I love the idea of leaving grass and mowing between the rows. That's perfect! I think you're right about that little one being a female...she just looks like a female. Wish we had chipmunks. I've seen them in the NC mountains, but not here. I love your antique looking green glass feeder. Reminds me of the old green canning jars. Have a nice weekend!

  10. So glad you stopped by my porch! I just love seeing the pictures of the adorable chipmunks! Wow that new one is a lil beauty---sure looks like a girl to me! You do get great photos. Maybe they are already courting?? Remember that old Captain and Tennille song "muskrat love"? Lol this reminds me of that. Put that song on for them-- ha ha ha lol

  11. What cute little chipmunks you have!

    Annie is perfect as always!


  12. She sure is a pretty thing! How could Simon resist!