Thursday, May 19, 2016

For Rent

Little hands went home from the mouse-house today with sunflowers to plant in her backyard garden.  Gwynn lives in the country, too, and will enjoy watching her flowers and veggies grow.
Now the remaining seedlings will be planted along our front fence near the old pump.

More begonias were potted up to line a small trail to the back stone wall. They are perfect for partly sunny/partly shady spots and they provide lots of colour.

I just have to photograph my little Peach while she soaks up the sun. Grumpy face or not. lol
and I did ask Audrey for a pose and this is her contribution.
It took me three tries to make the bed this morning.

There is an ad on face-book featuring a house on our property that is now up for rent.

For rent - Beautifully structured A-frame house in the Manotick area. This model features a lovely front porch and is surrounded by a Little Red Riding Hood woodlot. 
Only seconds (flying-distance) from a 5 star restaurant/spa. 
Wonderful area for raising little ones. 
Do fly by for a closer look.
Come be a part of this funky little neighbourhood.
Open House 24/7. Serious applicants only.
 "Here birdie...birdie...birdie."
And may I add that it is now landscaped with pretty marigolds. :)

 hugs, Deb


  1. Ooh how perfect, when can I sign the lease :)
    Have you built the houses ?
    You'll be lonely now your granddaughter has returned home, don't they just fill our hearts and lives.
    I just love your kitties !

  2. Those are two of our bird houses, Jo. Our own home has not started as yet. We remain in the mouse-house for awhile longer. And...I love your kitties, too. :)

  3. If only I were smaller and could fly, I fancy a summer holiday.

  4. Great post, Deb! I remember the days of many attempts being made at making the bed. LOL
    Love the close-up of Annie, and what darling bird houses with the little gardens beneath. Love from Nebraska ><>

  5. Audrey!x Audrey!x Oh! Well, never mind...! :).

    I did read and have also been told that bird
    boxes should be placed against a tree or a wall..
    To encourage them to take up residence..Don't know
    how true that is..could be for the safety at the
    rear, so that it's not stuck up in the air, with
    no protection around it...Just a thought!
    Mine are against my back wall, and the wall is
    covered in Virginia Creeper..! So all you can
    see is the hole at the front!

  6. That Audrey is quite the character! Love the bird houses; hope you get renters soon!

  7. Audrey knows the value of a good burrowing beneath the sheets. Annie can give her own version of a glare just as well!

  8. So cute! Maybe I can get a bird house and advertise for birdies too!!

  9. Love Annie's sunbathing photo!
    And love AA's photo, too, - lol. We all give what we can and this is her contribution some days no doubt!

    Have a great weekend1


  10. If you could rig up a little elevator it would be perfect for Simon!!!