Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My helper, Dave.

I'm never alone if I'm working outside. 
It's not long after I start to rake, dig, or tidy up some flowers that I feel a pair of gold-coloured eyes on me. Big, beautiful eyes.

He appears out of no-where to drop and roll at my feet. Ha! He's so predictable.
If he wasn't so happy and well-fed I'd steal him.

This morning I spent some time cleaning up a small space right next to the old out-house to plant some shade-lovin' flowers. A little sun and mostly shade is what this little area gets and I know I can find just the right plants for it. It was in a sad state; only one potted flower all by it's lonesome.
    Here's the Before and I'll soon show you the After.

David helped me rake and dispose of dead grass, leaves and some garbage that was found under the soil such as pieces of broken pop bottles and vintage bread bags. I wonder if this may have been a spot where they burned garbage in the old days. It's possible.

I added some fresh soil and mushroom compost to the area and bordered it with moss-covered logs and tree bark. I then added a few rocks around just because I love rocks. ;-)
I was happy with the result.

David was so happy, purr purr purr;  he dropped, rolled and demanded a belly-rub.

"WE did a great job, Deb.
But now I'm hungry
Hmmm...wonder what's for dinner?"

Then, as always, he headed home covered in dust, leaves and a kiss on the head.

I found my way to the tree chair to cool off in the shade and wish that someone would appear with a cold drink. 
Whoever invented tree chairs was a genius.

The lilacs are at their best now.
The fragrance of the mouse-house 
is intoxicating.
Having them, and my Peach close by, makes blogging all that much more fun.

We sure could use some rain here.

hugs, Deb


  1. What a good helper you have!! Makes me smile.

  2. OMW That Dave is gorgeous. I love a cat with attitude and he's got lots. Do you know his owner? Your lilacs are so pretty, I can almost smell them. We don't have such blossoms in SA so thanks for sharing. Greetings Jo

  3. David makes for good company. I wonder how many places he stops in at on his daily rounds.

  4. David and our Patty O'Malley could be brothers from another mother; always snoopervising outdoor activities, and not afraid to roll around while begging for petting!

  5. Can't wait to see your new finished spot at the little outhouse. You remind me so much of myself when we first moved here and even still now...nothing excites me like finding a new spot here in the woods to make pretty. It's almost like building playhouses. That is such a beautiful picture of Peach. Looks like a painting! Have fun!

  6. What a sweet, lovely helper you have there, Deb! The striped Tabby, America's (and Canada's??) best loved cat.
    Wish I had a big lilac bush in my yard. We planted a few around the yard, but they are still pretty tiny. I'll probably be in the ground before I see beautiful results LOL! We do have lovely peonies, roses, iris, and other assorted flowers to brighten up our 100 year old yard and house. We sure spend a lot of time on our "outside living room" (front porch) with the fan running, it's great to sit there in the evening. We have a tree chair, but no suitable trees to hang it in!!
    Deb, your sweet Peach and beautiful Lilacs are enough to bring a smile to my face. We have 9 inside, so it's never dull and always something is up. I don't even have to tell you that, do I? LOL!!!
    Glenda from Kansas

  7. You're getting a lot done there, especially with (or is it in spite of?) David's help. I like how some cats have a schedule to follow: certain amount of time getting loved by a neighbour, then back home for dinner.

  8. It is such fun to see Dave in your garden. I can see why you might just give him a good home if he didn't already have one!

    You are moving ahead so much in your garden! I love it! I know you will enjoy the process and the finished garden.


  9. Can't wait to see the 'after' - glad you have such a great little helper to get things done around the mouse house! I have a hammock chair on my lower deck and I love it!! I think you're right - I need another one in a tree - perhaps near the creek.....hmmmm, now I'm thinking of where!

  10. Isn't Dave such a kitty love! What a sweet, loving face he has and he's got the personality to match. I'm mad for his little feeties.
    It's lovely to have a cat friend who you know has a home and is loved and well cared for.
    Those lilacs are heaven in a vase.