Saturday, May 21, 2016

Planting, partying and one big puppy.

Last night I made a veggie spaghetti sauce and added some basil from the funny little greenhouse. WOW! Was that flavorful. And, of course, it was wonderful to have our first home-grown herb of the summer.

Today I planted our zucchini, cucumbers, multi-coloured peppers, chili peppers and tomatoes. This is the weekend for gardening in our area. Up until now there was the worry of over-night frost but not anymore.:)
I saved some planting for other family members who will be sharing our garden this summer. Monday's the day.

My tomatoes really needed to get into the ground.
I'm hoping the mushroom compost we added to the soil will produce many beautiful vegetables.

We are in for warm to warmer to down-right hot weather the next four days. Wonderful!

It's a busy long weekend for us; a very special someone had her 6th birthday party today.
"Happy Birthday, Riley" "Wow, where has the time gone?"

And we are dog-sitting 'til Sunday night.
Yes, our grand-dog, Forest,  arrived for the weekend. In he bound, with his over-night bag containing all the  necessities of HIS life, for a two-night sleep-over. He keeps us hopping; all 90 pounds of him.
He adores the retired-guy. He considers him one of his best buds.
I'd say the feeling is mutual by all the tasty pieces of chicken he got at dinner tonight.

Audrey is not very hospitable. But then again she is perplexed by the uselessness of dogs. ;-)
And the smell.

                              "I'm paralyzed with disgust."

"Oh Audrey...really!"

I hope you are enjoying a fun weekend.
It's the Victoria Day long weekend here so there's
no telling what might still happen. ;-)
Even for Audrey.
hugs, Deb


  1. "I'm paralyzed with disgust." Hilarious! Thank you for the chuckle.

  2. Oh, Audrey. Snowy shares your disgust of dogs. She is happy she is an inside cat now and doesn't have to deal with those creatures on the street. Have fun with your granddog this weekend.

  3. Happy Victoria Day and hope you have a fun day of planting. Gail

  4. I bet it feels good to have a dog in the house again. :) He's a beauty, too! Your tomato plants look amazing! The next two weeks are our gardening safe planting weeks, too! And with frost on the ground last week, it just proves that you can't do it earlier!

  5. Deb, fresh basil is one of my very favorite herbs! As for the dog, our cats would probably feel the same as Audrey. I would love to have a yellow lab puppy, but the cats kind of rule right now.

  6. Poor Audrey. It's always something! Hope she makes it through the weekend without too much stress. Riley is so cute. Looks like that gift she just opened is something she really wanted. Happy birthday Riley! Seeing Forest makes me miss our Labs. We still talk about getting another Lab. Eli needs a playmate.

  7. Happy Birthday to Riley! Forest is a cutie.

  8. Happy birthday to your granddaughter Deb. Your tomatoes look good. Hope they will give you a good crop late summer.

    Madelief x

  9. Riley is six! Oh my time does fly by. Oh Audrey indeed!

  10. Lovely photos . It has been a quiet weekend here of planting for me whilst Papa is at a friends house putting in a new roof . Oh my 6 years old already , Happy belated birthday to Riley . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. wow that is a big puppy! though it looks like you are enjoying having a dog around again by the looks of it. Audrey is so silly & funny, just caught up with the other posts & chuckled all the way through lol
    happy birthday to Riley! (a little late) hope she had a wonderful day!
    your plants looks amazing! when can we see more of your gardens? those iris are spectacular, hope mine will look that good!
    thanx for sharing

  12. Yumbo-rama! I've got to get into the garden today! It's gorgeous and I have new plants~!

  13. Happy birthday to Riley!
    Looks and sounds like a great weekend for you Deb!
    Enjoy your week ahead...Cheers!
    Linda :o)