Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mad for Morning Glories.

How I wish for Morning Glories to grow like this at the mouse-house someday.

This photo was taken some years back on the property of one of my cat-sitting clients. I look a little younger here :-b and dear old Kane was not so old here, either. My client had a green thumb, a love of flowers and a beautiful country home. Her kitties were named Molly, Buddy & Presley.
They were three gorgeous felines, a joy to care for and I miss them very much.

Here are my morning glories planted along the fence last summer.
Spectacular, right!

This was the first time growing them for me and I loved them. These annual climbers are on my list of 'fence flowers' this year, too.

The sun is out this morning after two full days of rain. It will be fun to see how the perennials are doing after a good drink. 
The lilac bushes are full of buds. We have two at the drive-way entrance and one along the fence. Can't wait to smell those blossoms.   

Must go...someone is going to start throwing dishes around if I don't pass out the stinky goodness.

"ok...what do I throw first?"
"Hey...where's the hired help around here?"

Wishing you a sunny day,
hugs, Deb


  1. Heavenly Blue Morning Glories - They were a favorite of my Grandmother's, twining up and over in an arc above the gate to her house. Now they are a favorite of mine.

  2. Aren't they gorgeous? I used to grow them on my picket fence. Blue is my favorite. I need to plant some more!

  3. Oh how I love the picture with you and your sweet Kane. You should frame this one! Morning Glories love the sun and should really take off on the fence! I love them too! Have a lovely week Deb!

  4. Glorious! Oh, Audrey .........!
    Purrs and Hugs -----

  5. I love the picture of you and Kane and the Morning Glories! Your's did really good last year. I have never been able to grow Morning Glories. Never. That old sweet Audrey!!

  6. Ooh, I want some Morning Glories now! Glad that Audrey doesn't have thumbs, or we'd all be in a heap of trouble...hehehe

  7. All looks well in your garden but the Cats rule and must be obeyed .. .

  8. Those morning glories are fantastic! I love them too -- but I don't think I could ever pull off what you have there!

  9. Deb, we used to have blue morning glories growing around our country mail box. I loved them! And white moon flowers are great too. Both look wonderful growing around a fence. Is Audrey looking for anything particular in your cupboard? Or is she (like our Julie) looking for a spot she can fit into...?

  10. I love morning glories! When I was young I walked to school and the fence had them growing on them and they were gorgeous. Funny what memories we have in our heads.

  11. I adore Morning Glories and I have planted them every year for eons!! We have such a short growing, too....that this year I'm going to start them indoors in peat pots and then plant them out when they are going strong. That should give us heartier vines and a head start on the season!! I must remember to do that's on my list but I keep forgetting!

  12. How I love the Morning Glories, especially the Heavenly Blue variety...
    The only problem I have with them, it takes an entire Summertime to grow, and in late season the flowers emerge, just in time for those early autumn frosts...
    I've lost many of my flower buds to those darn frosts.
    Audrey is most certainly looking to get into something !

  13. The morning glories certainly are pretty. The previous place that I lived had them out front.

    Audrey's very much accustomed to things being just so, after all.

  14. That ire fence is the perfect place for morning glories!
    The seeds from last year will most likely start sprouting up!
    You will enjoy a beautiful garden Deb....
    Rain setting in here..
    Linda :o)

  15. I love Morning Glories too. I grew them one year and hoping to grow some again this year! Nancy

  16. I love spring ! It has stopped raining here too hopefully it will last ! the cats are happy !

  17. My grandfather use to curse them when he had to weed the garden, but I think they're a spectacular flower!

    1. Those were probably WILD Morning Glories. They are a whole other story. :(