Friday, May 6, 2016

Morning walk-about.

Each morning brings little surprises as I walk around the property.

First thing, I open up the door to the funny little greenhouse and let in the fresh morning air. It can get very hot in there; too hot for some of the flowers.
Some begonias have been potted up and now sit in shady/partial sun areas around and along the path to the back of the property. This path is covered in years of fallen maple leaves and will stay that way as I love the look. I have always envisioned a flowery path, passing by the old out-house and leading to the stone wall. And now, little by little,  I can bring that vision to life.

Over 100 years old.


The feeders are filled and the water topped up in the bird bath that sits amongst the perennials.
I am waiting anxiously to see the colour appear as each plant comes back to life. I know I won't remember the name of each plant, as something ran off with the name sticks, but I'll figure it out with the help of friends and google. lol

As I filled the platform feeder at the old well,  I was accompanied by Simon who had just woke up and popped out of his hole to check the day's weather. He was given a handful of seeds and some apple to start his morning. It's so good to see him doing well. :)

Annie is in her glory with her fresh cat grass and a mouse-house full of sun-puddles.
She's quite the little guard dog.

Audrey shows no interest yet but I know her curiosity will get the best of her and she will eventually chow down.
When the lazy butt finally makes an appearance.

Here it is the weekend again.
I'm hoping the sun settles in as we have a very exciting and busy few days.
I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day however you celebrate.
I live on the edge waiting to see what Audrey has in store for me. :-b

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb,
    I have so been enjoying your posts lately as everything begins to grow again there. Best wishes for a wonderful summer!

  2. Can I tell you how very much I love your welcome sign! A delightful looking cat and happy birds, what could be more perfect!
    You know, every time I see Annie so peaceful and content I thank God she stayed with you. And who'd have thought Audrey would become a blog star!

  3. Slowly but surely spring is getting here! I wore flip flops outside today but my toes were cold! haha

  4. What a terrific walk around...only thing missing is sitting at your table mug of tea in hand and munching on something sweet.
    have a terrific momma day ...

  5. I'm sure Audrey has planned the most wonderful day full of surprises for you, Deb!

  6. what an awesome walk, loved the pots & ornaments along the way, great looking sign too! very colourful!
    hope you have a wonderful mothers day too!
    thanx for sharing

  7. ohhh meant to say, next time paint the names of plants on big stones that way they shouldn't go missing

  8. The lovely plants and all the creature's you've befriended just make me so happy.

  9. Like you, I love the early morning stroll through the garden checking what's happened - thanks to nature - overnight. Our grass is so thick and tall, when it dries later hubby will have to mow. Thankfully the rain and bad storms seem to have left and the weekend is full of promise. We can celebrate Mother's Day sans rain boots and waterproofs! Tonight I have a theatre date, tomorrow I will be treated out to lunch.
    Your flowers are coming along - I know you must enjoy the little greenhouse a lot. I long to plant more color but that must wait until we return from Ireland (leave Wed.) as I need to be here to tend to them. The morning glories and moonflowers are growing, hope they don't go haywire whilst I'm not here to coax their tiny tendrils upward!
    Simon has over-wintered well by looks of it Deb. He is so adorable at his personal breakfast bar.
    Tell Audrey to be kind to her 'mommy' tomorrow, that's an order!

    Do have a lovely day - hugs, Mary

  10. The early morning walk-about is a special part of living in the country. Here it is always companioned by a cat or three.
    I really like your welcome sign!

  11. I love all the flowers popping out, but mostly how Audrey found the sun!

  12. Lovely walk,I can almost hear the leaves crunching neath your shoes.I had always wished there was an old outhouse on our property, I love yours. And I REALLY love Simon!

  13. Simon's quite used to you by now! The welcome sign is very pretty.

  14. Oh, it IS coming to life! That sign is THE BEST! Did you paint it? If not, what a perfect find. And I love all the flowers -- and of course, Audrey!

  15. Everything looks so lovely but I especially like what you've done with the outhouse!