Monday, May 16, 2016

Golf and entertaining kitty.

                                                      I finally learned to golf this week.
                                                       And I was taught by the best. :)
But I lost to the future Brooke Henderson.
Which didn't surprise me one bit.

It's been a busy week at the mouse-house and we've had enough rain to make everything healthy and green.
On rainy days, our indoor cats can get bored with no sun-puddles to nap in.
Let's make the day more fun for them.

Cat-tip-for-the-Day=^..^= Making the indoors fun

We all want our cats to be safe and healthy so the majority of cat-owners keep their cats inside. These are referred to as 'indoor cats'. That is a wise thing to do these days with heavy traffic and many dangers for cats outside the home. If you have chosen to keep your cat inside it is important to make their indoor life worth-while. Cats get bored. I've heard people say that cats don't need too much attention because they sleep most of the time. I don't agree with that observation. Cats sleep too much because there is absolutely nothing else for them to do. We, as owners, should provide a happy and fun environment for our felines.
We are all trying to save money these days. Cat trees are a big hit for cats but you need not purchase such an expensive play-toy. Add a large shelf to the wall near a window and place a comfy basket or box on top. The cat should have room to walk on the shelf and then enter the basket. If you are handy, build a window seat that can screw into the window-sill and finish it with a soft cover. Cat's will spend hours looking out windows into the trees watching the goings on of squirrels and birds. They love that.  If you don't have a window-seat the back of a comfy chair placed close to the window will do.
If you have a fire-place and burn wood, take a block of wood and cut it down the center. Lie it face down on the floor (flat side down) and your cat will use this as a scratching post. It has to stay flat and not wobble around. If they are not attracted to it right away, rub some cat-nip on it. Praise your cat when she scratches her nails on it.
Place empty boxes around for the cat to discover. There is no end to the fun this will provide.
Get down on the floor and play with your cat. Even if you just pull a string or a feather on a rope you will attract kitties attention. They love for you to interact with them. No less than a dog does.

That's just a few ideas to keep kitty content on the cheap.

My perennial garden is coming to life and I love to see what has popped up over-night Not too much colour as yet but very soon it will be beautiful.
And it's time to plant the sunflowers that have been growing in the greenhouse along the front fence.

At the moment I am on the search for the letter "I".

"AUDREY!"  =^..^=


  1. Words of wisdom.....And ALL very true...!
    And, if you possibly can, and able to afford it,
    have more than one cat..two is an ideal number!
    No two cats have the same character..! :).
    When my George was alive, he used to chase a little
    rubber ball up and down the hall, catch the ball,
    bring it to me to throw again....HaHa! Four attempts,
    that was that...he'd fall on his side, and not move...
    Knackered!!! Amazing, dogs need exercise...twice a day,
    and live half the age of a cat, who, well, does lay
    about, and sleep! Bless them!
    Forget the times l've said it.....
    "Dogs have owners.....Cats have staff". :0).

  2. Good advice. I was afraid my cats would be bored with a restricted view in the new apartment, but it turns out that they have more to see here than in the old house. They love the birds that one to feed on the lawn right outside the windows.

  3. That looks like it was a fun game of golf!

  4. Good tips! We're very into toy toss. Lizzie has her big basket of mice (and other related stuffies) that get hurled on a daily basis. I'm sure she'd have more if I moved out the furniture!

    Looking lovely where you are. Happy day!

  5. And here I thought you were going to be the next golf pro! :-) Fun post. A great future for that girl, I'm sure! I agree with your cat tips. My cat has used the doorway trim on a certain doorway upstairs for years. Mr. C. wanted me to train her not to do it, but since she just uses that one spot, I'm not complaining. In the past, I once used an old piece of carpet that we'd kept in front of the door (that got lots of traffic) and wrapped that around a 2 x 4, then mounted that to the wall. The cats loved that, took to it immediately, but eventually it was shredded and had to be thrown out. Okay, I'm rambling here. Boxes are a great idea. I need to get more of them. I am always conscientious about picking up dental floss or plastic grocery bags and making sure they're where Tuppence can't get them.


  6. That Audrey, always messin' with something...

  7. All fun stuff....I agree cats need stimulation and they love to play!

  8. Don't those little just make everything so fun?
    Enjoy your week Deb...
    Linda :o)

  9. Both my fur girls are excellent at playing throwing & fetching, we play for many moments several times a day. I agree about providing stimulation, they have taught me well. I move their cat tower to different windows so they get a change of view of watching chipmunks, squirrels & birds.

  10. Dear Audrey,
    My Dad made me a window shelf, so I can watch "cat TV" outside :^) Mom puts boxes on top of various tables...I get up on the table and then on top of the box. It gives me a cat's eye view of the main part of the house. Dad also built me an incline box that Mom puts thick strips of packing cardboard into..on their edges so the surface is pretty rough. It is a great place to manicure my nails since I am the Princess Posie Cat!
    Blessings to you and your Mom, and I hope you get lots of sunshine this week,