Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Loving Lilacs

You can smell their fragrance from the mouse-house windows.

My granny's lilac bush is over 85 years old according to my older brother. He remembers it as a child, full grown and full of fragrance. It stands at the entrance to our drive-way filling the air with it's beautiful fragrance.
I remember Sunday dinners here in the old clap-board house in early June. My grandmother would tell us to grab some lilacs on our way out so we could enjoy them in our own homes.  My mom would fill a vase and place them on our dining-room table to enjoy.

We had a busy weekend with family visiting and helping with seeding the garden. Since I did not have a photo of my brother Joe and his better half, Joyce,  they posed for me in front of the old lilac bush with a pot of his favorite pansies. Next time, I'll get him to take his hat off. 

And to our surprise, we found a white lilac bush caught up between two maples that we will try hard to rescue.

We were here on this property last May, too, and I took lots of photos of the lilacs.

And my all-time favorite lilac photo.
Our dear, sweet Sierra enjoying her treat of milk next to the lilacs.

Spring 2015
She will always be in my heart.
hugs, Deb


  1. I can almost smell their intoxicting aroma! Beautiful Beautiful lilacs!

  2. Simply heavenly the smell of those timeless Lilacs.
    The deer want to eat them here, in fact they eat everything, it's a daily struggle :)
    Beautiful Sierra, she was such a sweet girl.

  3. It's so wonderful to have your Grandmother's 85 year old lilacs blooming! Such sweet memories and so nice to share them with your brother and wife. What a precious photo of your darling Sierra. x K

  4. Oh sweet Sierra! I love lilacs but they don't grow down here very well (not cold enough) so it's sad but if we had smell-a-vision then I would be in lilac love!

  5. Such a lovely and sweet photo of Sierra with her cream in the lilac flowers. Thank you!

    So glad you had a good weekend!


  6. Lilacs are my favorite =)
    Love the photo of Sierra ♥

  7. How fun to have that lilac bush still there! I can't believe how old it is and still going strong. Wonderful!

  8. All the pictures with the Lilacs are so pretty! The picture of Sierra looks like a greeting card. It is beautiful. Touched my heart too.

  9. We can smell ours from the house to and now in the house as I to love to clip some and bring them in . That makes your that much more special as your Nana grew them to there ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. I love the smell of lilacs. The first thing I did when we moved into this house 16 years ago is plant lilacs.

  11. I adore lilacs. My grandmother had a huge bush that my sister and I would play around. She always had a huge bouquet of them on the dining room table each spring. My sister gave me several babies last May. All but one died, but that one is thriving! I am hoping to have lilacs in a couple of years.

  12. It seems your whole family has a bit of green about the thumbs.

    I love that picture of Sierra next the lilacs; two beauties.

  13. Good to know Beautiful Lilacs is safe for kitties =^x^=

  14. My lilacs are nearly ready to snip a few and bring them inside!

  15. Definitely two of my favorite photos in blogland -- the one of you and the one of Sierra by the lilacs. Perfect.

  16. Great story....lovely Lilacs....
    Think I'll clip some this weekend...
    Enjoy your evening, Deb...Cheers!
    Linda :o) veg chilli is just reg chilli with no meat...I add spinach sometimes ...lots of mushrooms,peppers,zuchinni...and all different canned beans...I use the packaged chilli seasoning, but add chile dry beans, as they can contain gluten, and I make it Celiac friendly as well, for my daughter Lissa...any questions, ask away!