Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Enjoying our warmest day today.

We are heading into the warmest day so far this year. It is expected to reach +26C today and sunny. No wind; no mosquitoes. :)
The buds have appeared on all the trees, including our lilacs, and much of what spring will give us has popped through the ground. It's such a wonderful time of year.

This will be a quiet day spent at the mouse-house so I plan to putter about outside today.
I filled up the rain barrel which will provide water for my seedlings for a week or so.
This has been such a worth-while addition to the funny little greenhouse. It has saved me many steps and wrestling with the garden hose.

Teeny babies popping through.

I wanted to show you the little bird feeder that I bid on in an on-line auction to help homeless cats in the Ottawa/Lanark area. (Where we used to live)
I hung it up close to the mouse-house today.

Dickie's Cause for Paws is a wonderful cat rescue.
I think the new feeder looks pretty sweet for my resident birds and I'm sure the squirrels will love it, too. lol

Now it's time to clean up the bird-baths.
There's always lots to do on a beautiful spring day.

And while I'm busy tidying up the property someone is keeping her fox friend and feather wand busy in the mouse-house.

"Hey, where did he go?"

hugs, Deb


  1. Just been reading thru your last few posts...
    Where the heck have I been?
    I really like your practical!
    Sometimes I wish for one big property like yours...instead of 2...
    This weather has really slowed us down at the cottage...some shutters still on the sunporch! And the long weekend coming up!
    I have not bought any annuals for my baskets....Geesh!
    This weekend is rain and cold again...oh boy!
    Your seedlings look awesome...great job Deb!
    Enjoy the warm weather...
    Linda :o)

  2. All your little sprouts are looking great! That greenhouse was a fabulous idea!

  3. Enjoy your beautiful day! Love that bird feeder!

  4. Looking forward to spending the day outside tomorrow.
    Thanks for the comments on my lil Spring post ----- yes it is a pretty teacup ---- a very good friend gave that to me a couple years ago ---- I think she lives in a mouse house with two kittys and a great retired guy... wait a minute that's YOU!!!!

  5. I love that green house and all your seedlings are doing great . Oh my that is a cute bird house and a good cause to get it to . Lovely photos , it was like a summer day here today to got up to 24C and sunny . Thunderstorms and rain possible for us here tomorrow which is good cause I had to water my gardens we need rain . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day ! Hi Audrey you silly cat lol !

  6. Wow! Your seedlings are really poppin' --I still think you are going to have waaay too much zucchini. :) Loved the pics of sweet Annie. I'm missing our Bertie like crazy today! With love from Nebraska ><>

  7. It is a beautiful time of year and it's so wonderful to see life springing up everywhere.

  8. That's summer weather, not just spring. What a great day to be doing things outdoors.

  9. I enjoyed seeing your seedling Deb. It's funny how a lot of us gardeners refer to them as children :-). Enjoy your sunny day!

    Madelief x

  10. Sounds like you are warming up fast. Yesterday we broke an all time record since 1896 of 90c. Your seedlings are growing well !
    Sweet girl Annie :)

  11. It was pretty sticky down here today but the temps are dropping. May have to bring the outdoor plants in by tomorrow or the next day. But no snow!

  12. So happy you got that birdhouse, I knew it would get a place of honor in your little piece of paradise! My husband was quite happy that I won the maple syrup, in that same auction; yummy with the French toast! Dickie's Cause for Paws indeed is a great cause.