Friday, July 30, 2010

15 Years of Cat-sitting & still intrigued with Cats.

I am now 15 years caring for cats while owners travel. My service was called 'Comfy Cats' years back and then as time went on I starting caring for dogs also. That part of the business was passed on 5 years ago to another caring, dog-lover and then I changed the name of my business to Just Cats which pretty much says it all. I am busier now than ever and caring for cats is what I do best.
These are a few pictures I dug up from years back. I still remember how each and everyone of these cats sounded when they purred and the feel of their soft coats. They have all passed on now and I am that much older but I have wonderful memories of them all.
Herman - 1999

Mookie at Christmas


You would think I would know everything there is to know about cats but that will never happen. I learn more every day about the makeup of these amazing felines. I love to watch them and study their behaviour.

This is Mookie, the cat that started it all. He would hug me as I carried him around and could never get enough attention from humans .He was both an indoor/outdoor cat and would spend many hours out by the water, hunting and lazing about. He was very special. "Thanks Mook for being such a good boy and giving me the courage to build a business that I would love for years to come. I will always picture you sleeping in your bowl on the table. Love You."

A Carleton Greeting Card

A Hallmark Greeting Card


  1. You are a lucky lady to have a business you love so much. Cats intrigue me and I don't think I would ever get tired of loving on them and taking care of them.

  2. You have cared for so many gorgeous babies, Deb; I love the idea of having a job like you because I really adore cats and have a deep affinity for them...You seem surrounded by love!

  3. Mookie sounds like a cat I had once named Tubby-Hug a Bug...he was such a hugger that in a cat! ;D

  4. Oh you have the ultimate job...all those kitties to snuggle! (And scoop for!) And I love the way their fur get to sniff all those cats. Lucky bum!

  5. Mookie reminds me of my Zoe! And of course learning something new about them each day comes as no surprise - they are as varied and individual as humans!! Each with their own purr motors and purrsonalities. What's not to love?!?! I am so happy that you have the "job" you have - no doubt that the cats you care for are some of the luckiest around!!!

    Have a great week!!

    "Her" and Romeo

  6. Hi Deb,
    I love all your kitties from the past. Mine will not let me hold them no matter what! But, I sure love the little guys.

    Bless you for what you do.