Thursday, July 8, 2010

I had coffee in a tea-cup this morning - I'm not apologizing.

The new 'family' at the cottage

I have tea-pots and cups everywhere in this house. I have to find a new & huge china-cabinet very soon.
So true, isn't it.
This one will be little Riley's someday. I have a feeling I will be adding to it and starting her collection. Hey, look Shelia, there's nana in the mirror.

A scorcher again today but you just can't keep this 15 year old kitty in the house. She loves her deck.
This little scamp sleeps under our couch in the livingroom because the a/c is close by. We don't see her until late in the afternoon and then she tears around the house like a lunatic. She is almost 9 months old now. Love her! Looking forward to seeing Simba, Midnight & Albert tonight. They are always fun to cat-sit.



  1. Love your teapots. I think I see a collection for Riley! So cute! Charlie likes the heat on the screened porch also.

  2. Great family photo=they all look so happy!...It won't be too long before lovely Riley will be having tea parties and drinking tea with you from her cute cup!...Lily is adorable with that sweet smile on her face!...Rae Rae is precious with her cute face and fun kitten personality!...Enjoy your day, Deb.

  3. I've got quite a teapot collection too! Love your photos.

  4. Would love to see them, Bonnie