Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm growing up :)

I am feeling rather pleased with myself today. I have learned to FINALLY say NO! and stick to it. The last few years I have found that I often say "YES" to people and regret it immediately. Mostly because I never wanted to do whatever was asked nor did I have the time. I just couldn't say "NO". Most requests are because someone is in a bind and needs someone else to get them out of it by helping some way or other. I understand that. I am sure I have been on the receiving end of that many times in 58 years BUT I don't want to do that anymore unless I sincerely want to help and I have the time to do so.

YES, I said "NO" because to say "YES" would have taken up my time and energy and put me somewhere I did not want to be and I feel great about it.

Am I a late bloomer here or is this what happens to everyone when they reach their 'senior' years? Don't you hate the word, 'senior'. It makes me feel like I should plant the rocker on the porch and kick back. I am SO NOT THERE yet. I did kind of like getting a discount at the show last night, though. My husband would never let a 'senior discount' go by without taking advantage of it and he's younger than me. Funny! I don't think we ever feel older than 30.

This weekend I am caring for Buddy & Chase. I love these two guys. They keep you busy, that's for sure.

Enjoy your Wednesday.


  1. NO is a great word...we should use it more often! Your husband sounds just like mine! LOL

  2. Learning to say "no," especially for women, IMO, can be hard. I still have difficulty with it, but I *am* better at saying "maybe." Does that count?

    Kudos to you for sticking up for your Self and just saying "no" from the outset in this instance.

    Happy Thursday.

  3. Wednesday. It's Wednesday. *Headdesk*

  4. It feels so good to say No when you know it's not something you want to do or should do. I help others all I can but now in my Senior Years (yes I hate that also) I am taking care of me! Whenever you get there is OK just be glad you can now say NO!

  5. Oh please can you tell mum how you did that as she never says no and wishes she could some times.. Hugs GJ x

  6. You go girl! At 47 it's a skill I'm still working on. I try to remember that saying "no" to somebody may open up a new door for them in a whole new way.

  7. Good for you...I find it hard to say "NO" too..I think many people have this trouble..but I am working on it.

    Hugs for a great Thursday. xoxo

  8. I have a hard time saying no as well (I'm 44) and applaud you for finding your voice and doing what is best for you=I think it's a woman thing, most men I have met can say no pretty easily!!...We are just programmed to nurture and that means doing lots of stuff we don't want to just because it is helpful to others...I will be 45 in a few months and I still feel 25=I don't think that ever really changes as long as you take care of yourself and stay in good shape...Hugs to you, Deb!