Monday, July 19, 2010

2nd Post today -Vet still has all her fingers. Cat-tip-of-the-day=^..^=The importance of Cat Identification Tags

Well I am here to say that the 'ol guy has mellowed somewhat with age. Although he did try to snap once at Dr. Anne  it was stopped mid-air ( I nuzzled his head in my arm and gave him noogies on his pea-brain head) and then he knew we meant business and he was a GOOD DOG from then on. Dr. Anne is the most gentle, kindest, sweetest vet I have ever known. I have been her client for almost 20 years. He let Anne take blood, clean his ears and check his teeth while I never took my eyes off of him.(I was saying so many known prayers in my head that I ran out of them and "Now I lay me down to sleep" crept in.) He was given a good bill of health except for the fact that the eyes are starting to fade a little and he has problems with his ears. Apparently this is a curse of the Collie dog. He was given 3 liver treats from Ann'es intact fingers and we left with some holistic treatment for his chronic ear infections. We headed over to Timmy's to share a sandwich at the park. He ran around like a fool until he exhausted himself and is now snoozin' away the afternoon. Proud of my smart, handsome dog today.

                   "Don't even think of snapping at me. I'll cut you"
"That's enough out of you, Hugo. Kane knows not to snap at the cats"

Many people have misconceptions that having their cat wear a tag and collar can be harmful or uncomfortable for their cat. That is not the case. There are collars that are specifically made for the safety and comfort of cats. My suggestion is that you buy the type of collar that has a safety piece added so that if your cat does get caught on something, the collar will lengthen and eventually open. This is the only type of collar I would purchase. There are many types of tags so you have a choice to make but as long as the cats' name and phone # is on it, your cat has a voice. Without a tag your cat will never be able to find it's way home through someone who has picked it up as a stray or the local shelter will have nothing to go on to help find kitty it's home. Often cats get out the door in the summer months and start to wander. Your own neighbour could pick it up and have no idea that it lives down the street. Off to the shelter it goes and if you are many days looking for the cat or waiting for it to return, your cat could be put to sleep because of the overload at the shelter. Shelters only wait 72 hours for a cat to be claimed if it is not a No-Kill shelter. Don't take a chance with your beloved cat. Give it a voice! 


  1. Well, I'm happy the vet gets to keep all her parts intact...always a plus!

    Give Kane a few "Good Dog" pats from me!

    MomKat Trish

  2. I love the picture of you and Kane in the post below...poor thing chronic ear infections, I would be grumpy too and bite the vet! He is so beautiful and he has such a good Mom! I agree about the cat collars too, stretchy ones are best. :D

  3. Glad Kane is ok and didn't hurt the vet! He is a sweet old guy!

  4. Good Boy Kane!
    We all has a chip, not that we ever get to go outside... Good message.

  5. Glad to hear gorgeous Kane was a good and healthy boy, although sorry to hear about his ear infections...Hugo is adorable.

  6. Please give your sweet Kane a big hug from me too!

    Best wishes,

  7. i'm glad daisy is afraid of the outdoors for this very reason. I just clap my hands really loud and she runs back inside. ALthough that new screened in porch might give her some false confidence. Still, she does not like the unknown. A very habitual creature.