Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pretty Carleton Place

Kane has a favorite hang-out. Riverside Park in CP is home to many geese, ducks & lots of dogs run around here. The water is always active with boats, canoes and swimmers.

This is 5 minutes from our home.

I worked late last night catching up on some dog biscuit orders. Joey stayed up and helped. He also hung out with me in hopes of a midnight snack.

My VW cookie jar is empty. Time to bake for humans too. I keep looking at this jar thinking that I should get me one of those and put the JUST CATS logo on the side. :)

Joe had Pure Bites & I ate too many of these. only live once.

Rae-Rae (9 months)  -"Mr. Ed, do you ever wonder why it rains?" 

Ed - (21 years) "Sweetie, by the time you reach my age you just consider it another reason to nap."


  1. A cute conversation! And such a beautiful place so close by, how fun! :D

  2. Riverside Park is lovely; I adore the ducks and bet Kane has a lot of fun there...Cute cookie jar...Adorable Rae Rae/Mr. Ed photo and conversation=they are both gorgeous babies!

  3. Love this post, random and funny and makes me smile. I'm with Mr. Ed, rain just another reason to nap!