Monday, July 5, 2010

Teasing Tabby & Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Heatstroke in Cats.

Look at what I caught Sierra doing with the neighbour's dog. That's right,  she is trying to *FREAK HIM OUT* because he is tied and she is as loose as a goose.
Not to worry dog lovers.....I brought her in immediately.

It is so hot here you can't do anything outside. (That's why I am posting :))

Cat-tip for the Day =^..^= Heatstroke in Cats
Heatstroke or hyperthermia occurs when the body's cooling mechanism is unable to adequately relieve excessive body temperature. Sweat glands provide the necessary colling system for humans to withstand extremes of high environmental temperature but cats cannot lose heat as easily as people can. Cat's do not perspire like humans. Damp paw prints indicate a cat is sweating from the heat but kitty sweat glands are not particularly effective against heat. When very hot a cat will pant. This will cool them somewhat but as much as a third of the cat's evaporative-cooling loss is achieved by licking the skin and hair. But even self-grooming will have little effect against prolonged exposure to high temperatures. A cat's normal temperature is 101 to 102.5 degrees. Anytime it becomes elevated, hyperthermia may result. Consequently, heatstroke is typically a problem during hot summer months. DO NOT leave your cat in a hot car while you run an errand. Your car can be a kitty deathtrap. Even if your car is left running with the air-conditioner on your car could stall and leave the cat to needlessly suffer.

Joe's boo-boo healed on his nose but today he received a new one. He never leaves well-enough alone.

I'm still working on Mr. Ed's habit of sitting on the dining-room table. He thinks his coloring goes so well with the decor.


  1. That Sierra is a tease! Oh I can't imagine ever leaving any animal or human in a car in the heat. Didn't know about the cat sweat from their paws interesting.

  2. Well I learned something today! I didn't realize that cat's paws sweat. I always worry about my kitties out on the screened porch during these really hot summer days. It doesn't seem to bother them, but I always limit their time.

    You can tell Joe's a little scrapper.


  3. Teasing the woofie??? That looks like a lot of fun! MOL~~~

    We stay inside all the time, but the tips for heatstroke are great!

    We get on the tables all the time. Don't tell Mommy!

  4. I love that picture! Sometimes my cat likes to surprise me and the dog when we come back from our walk and he will jump in front of us.

    You've been giving such great advice about cats that I had to ask a question. Have you ever heard of a cat that tries to imitate birds to try to attract them? I swear my cat does this! It's amazing and not just a hairball or something! Anyway, just wondered.