Monday, July 26, 2010

Shy Bailey throws caution to the wind & My cats need a job.

This morning I started with Bailey. He is a shy fella and did not come near me when I arrived to meet him and his family. All I managed out of him that day was a questioning stare. So, I did not expect much today. When I arrived I said "hello Bailey, whatcha doing?" That's all I said and then promptly started the duties of fixing his lunch. Ever feel like someone is watching you? Someone about a foot tall with beautiful gold eyes and his head cocked to one side. I turned around and put my hand out and he walked right over to me and did a figure 8 between my ankles. Then I proceeded to pet him up. Oh, he is just fine. We are going to have a good week and I will photograph him tomorrow.

Chase & Buddy are wild ones and I am really having fun with them.

My Ginny was off to the vet today for her yearly checkup. I was concerned about her sight as she has a condition that has affected her seeing clearly for years. I expected her eyes were getting worse and I was right. She lives on our 2nd floor and sleeps 20 hours a day and gets along with all humans and cats and 1 dog so her life is pretty comfortable. She is waited on hand and foot and her purr can turn heads from any room in the house. She only eats one type of VERY EXPENSIVE food and everything else she throws up, on the rug about an inch from the wood floor. "Thanks Gin"
She also has a subscription to Geriatric Cat Fancy Magazine that costs plenty but then again she may not be reading much anymore. Dr. Ann says she is blind now but has learned to cope well so not to change anything. Everything else looks great. So now I live with a blind cat. She will be 24 years old in November.

Kitty cupboard was looking rather empty this morning so I filled it to the brim. They just love me at our local pet store and if you remember the show Cheers when Norm would come in and they would all call out his name, I get that at the pet store. It's like my moment of fame. Then I'm broke.
I tried cooking for my cats but I stopped when I noticed the dog was getting fatter and the cats were still yelling all the time. One of my more expressive cats tried to cover the bowl with imaginary litter and then walked away in a huff. I can't win.
                              "Hey, who's the bloody cook around here and where did my Q-tip toys go"

"I'm reporting you to the authorities if you don't put away that blender and make some use of our can-opener."   This book started it all. Cali had her photo taken and then ripped it to shreds. So, that didn't work and I think by the looks of my bill the gourmet, free-range chicken based, vitamins added, no fillers, yam-packed for digestion and fibre cat food that these divas request has gone up again. Makes me wonder how many cats it would take to pull a wagon and deliver the morning paper for a minimum wage? Oh I suppose there is an age requirement and over 80 (human years) is just a tad too old. (sigh)

So I won't be going to Italy for awhile. DID I MENTION I LOVE MY CATS?


  1. Oh my yes you have mentioned you love your cats! I know they do rule us don't they! Glad Bailey came out to play! Ginny looks like a love kitty!! So glad she is ok. Enjoy your welcome at the pet store at least they appreciate you!! Well so do I!!

  2. Ginny is a grand old ladycat! Almost 24 is incredible.

    And Bailey turned out to be not-so-shy after all. That's great!

    BTW, I wish my cats would eat top of the line food without fuss. They get some Almo, hate Wellness, ate Instinct lamb for a short time, then wouldn't touch it...and on and on it goes, with every brand on the market. I've spent a small fortune--seriously--on cat food that ends up being wasted. Very frustrating. A co-worker got her cats onto raw (she makes her own) by letting them all go hungry but I confess I'm too soft-hearted. Or perhaps that's soft in the head instead!

    Have a good week!

  3. Sometimes I'm not sure if you are talking about your cats or the peoples cats you are house sitting for...but I love to hear it all. A cat who is 24...that is so amazing! I had one live til 18 :D

  4. Oh, Deb, I do believe you love your kitties! Glad you've made a friend with that little guy.
    Bless little Ginny's heart. I had no idea that kitties could live to 24 years old! That says a lot about you, Dear One, you're a wonderful mother! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  5. I'm sorry that Ginny is blind, but it seems she has handled it wonderfully and with your help, her life is a good one; it's great she is 24 and doing so well...I totally understand and appreciate how you feel about your cats, Deb=I'm certainly right there with you!

  6. I can't believe Ginny is actually 24! That's amazing. We is sorry you looses her sight.
    Are you sure your 'more expressive cat' isn't trying to bury her food so no one else will eats it? (That's what Squashies does when she hears me coming to her food bowl.)
    Anyway, mommy sais she can understands what it's like to be willing to gives it all up for us. We are grateful- even if it doesn't seem like we are.