Saturday, July 17, 2010

This & That on a very hot Saturday

I need to know if I am the only cat-owner who comes home to find this. My real cat spooning a wooden cat. The wooden cat sits on the table to take up space so that the real cats will stay off the said table. In my home it doesn't work. "Honestly, Ed."

While in the dining room I thought I would show you one of my favorite things that was passed to me from my mother that belonged to my dad's mother, my grandmother. I love these spice holders because they are so unique. After I posted them I realized my spice holders have been  shaken up a bit. :) 

This beautiful plate was given to me by my Aunt Frances for my wedding. I love the detail on it. 

I'm outside having some lunch and killing time before I go to cat-sit.

Thanks to my kids, we have two new comfy chairs to waste away the hours. One has been stained and one left natural. We are playing around with colours.

Kane & I having cinnamon toast

Here's Joey (aka Josephini) She never stops walking around while I'm there so you are getting the south end of a north bound cat view. (Floofy)

Here she is. She's a pretty girl and she likes me now. She did a figure 8 and then lay down for a tummy rub.She doesn't know this but her mom is feeding another cat on the back deck. Interesting! Maybe next time I cat-sit here there will be 2 lovelies.

Off to a birthday dinner. I have been so good lately so I hope I can find a fabulous meal with not too many calories. I'm thinking salmon........


  1. Mr. Ed, we say at your age you are entitled to sleep wherever you want. Who knows, maybe you were just resting your paws and a nap overtook you!

    Our Mommy gave up and put a nice cushy Cat bed on the dining table. That way the Cat fur is "contained" she claims.

  2. LOVE the Mr. Ed photos=he is too adorable spooning the wooden kitty!!...The cat rock is painted beautifully...Kane is a gorgeous baby=sweet of you to share cinnamon toast with that precious baby!...Joey is a doll with a sweet face=you have a great job, Deb!...Enjoy the birthday dinner.

  3. Hope you have a fun dinner out! I love Mr Ed spooning the wood cat, sounds like something Charlie would do.

  4. loved reading your comments, as I saw the pics on facebook too! I do the same thing. SO no one will miss them, ha ha!

  5. Haha ~ cute pictures! You just have the greatest time looking after all these sweet kitties I think ~ too fun!

    Hope you have a lovely dinner out!
    xo Catherine