Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nana's bragging again & Silly Simba

My son John, Brit & Riley have been at a cottage for a week and I just looked at the pictures they posted of their week away. Riley sure looked all cozy and I do believe she is a cottage girl. Here she is wearing the little dress that my blogging friend Jacqueline from Jacqueline's Cat House so kindly sent her and I wanted to be sure that Jacqueline takes a peak at this little munchkin in her pretty sun-dress.Is it just me or is she growing like a flower? She looks so pretty in all these vibrant colours so I think I will be shopping soon for this little lady.

Once again it has been too hot here. Yes, you could fry an egg outside. This isn't summer, it is just sticky, yucky, humid weather. I can't even take the dog out in this weather and he pouts when I leave without him. He is just now getting pumped up to take his evening walk as it is now a little cooler.
I went for my walk after dinner (I'm walking more to lose weight..HA!) and dropped by where the ferals live. I saw the white & orange kittens and I left them an evening snack. They didn't seem really hungry tonight but they couldn't resist the Friskies so they were eating before I left. They look healthy & strong.

Enjoyed dinner out tonight and then I was off to feed some cats I am caring for. Starting tomorrow I am once again very busy with cat-sitting. I am so looking forward to seeing all the crazy, funny, little cats.
This is Simba, the Abyssinian. He is such a character and is recently a member of the Toothless Cat Club. I am caring for him and his 2 brothers this week. Simba is a talker as Abyssinian's are, I have been told.
                                          This guy is such a goof-ball.

Just a quick Cat-tip-of the-day
Even though it is too hot to be outside for long my old seniors still love to lie on the deck in the mornings. Lily  is such a delicate little thing that I worry about her getting too much heat and sun so I limit her time outside. I put sunscreen on her ears and nose because she has very sensitive skin at the best of times.  Let the cats keep their routine if they are indoor-outdoor cats but don't let them sleep outside too long in the high temperatures. They could get heat-stroke in this humid weather.


  1. Riley is so cute!! Glad to hear the ferals are doing ok.

  2. Riley looks so sweet in her outfit! Good luck with the heat, hopw it doesn't get too hot! :D

  3. Riley looks adorable in her cute sundress; thanks for posting the photo!...The heat is incredible here in the South/USA as well...I'm so glad to hear the feral kitties are doing great...Simba and Lily are both gorgeous babies and I'm sure Simba adores your company while his parents are away...Take care, Deb.

  4. Riley looks so cute in that sundress. :-)

    I'm glad the ferals are doing well. Have fun with Simba and his brothers!

  5. Hello Deb
    Thanks for visiting me! It is always great to hear from a fellow Canadian. Your Riley is adorable! I have two sons..three grandsons and a granddaughter Vayda. It is so nice to finally have someone I can dress in my favorite! Your pets are amazing..we have two bison cross dogs that are 6 yrs old and would be lost without them.
    We just had Family visiting from Ottawa for a week and love your city and surrounding towns. Merrickville (?) is my favorite place.
    Have a great day..