Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Orchid Queen I am, I am

Orchid Queen

I love orchids and my daughter brought me home one to get me started. I look so happy and sure of myself in this picture but I am actually thinking "I give it a month". I sat it in the window and the breeze knocked it on the floor and it lost a flower. ("Bwaaaaaa"..that's me crying)
It was promptly put on the table. I added a baby died.

I brought the remaining bits of the orchid into the kitchen and Gary knocked it with something (maybe his head) and off went another flower. ("GRRRRRR" I'm mad)

"I didn't do it."

I bought this one this summer. It doesn't look like this anymore. Half of it died. Committed suicide right in front of me. I even played James Taylor for it.  I need help. How do you grow orchids? Do they grow better in clay pots, plastic pots, wire hangers, ceramic pots, wicker baskets, tea-cups, emptied out coconut shells,  what!  Do they like music, blues, jazz, country, please.. not rap. Did I love them too much? Water them too little? Do they not mix well with cats?

Is there anyone out there that is amazing with orchids? I am pathetic!

Off to kitty-sit. Thanks for listening....Orchid Queen
OMgosh - I almost forgot something very special today. Kane turns 10. Must take him out for ice-cream tonight. "Happy Birthday, little buddy"

We have loved you for 9 years. Happy Birthday, little Buddy


  1. Your orchids are beautiful!!! I don't know ~ kitty looks pretty innocent in the photo ~ perhaps he didn't do it... :)

    Mr. Ed is too funny!!! I think he is sleeping while staying 'on guard'. Haha!!

    Have a wonderful day Deb!
    xo Catherine

  2. Oh, I'd never attempt orchids, even if I had decent windows/lighting for them. I know they're finicky, need a lot of particular care. I need hardy plants...really hardy plants...or they just don't survive my "care." LOL. Good luck!

  3. Oh my no Orchids here. They are so delicate I don't think I dare! Love the photo of Mr Ed! Ya gotta love cats!

  4. Sorry, Deb, I know nothing about orchids=hate to admit it since so many on the CB have such lovely gardens, but I don't really have a green thumb!...Love the sleeping photo of Mr. Ed=it is hilarious that he is snoring sitting up and he's got excellent posture while sleeping!!!LOL...Happy Birthday to your beautiful Kane; wishing him great health and much happiness (and lots of cuddles and treats today too!).

  5. No help about orchids. Scott and I only grow hardy plants...we're pretty ruthless with greenery.

    Mr. Ed is a stitch! Please give the old codger some lovins from me.

    And Happy Birthday Kane! Good Dog.

  6. Orchids are beautiful indeed. But your kitties stole my heart!