Sunday, July 4, 2010

Love in Kleinburg

We were off to Kleinburg, Ontario (Near Toronto) this weekend for a wedding.
"You mean you left us? We didn't even notice....we were sleeping."

I drank a few of these this weekend because it was over 30c and sunny.

There were 5 weddings going on in Kleinburg when we arrived. Look how lovely this bride is.

Heading out for a great time.

Myself, mother-of-the-bride, Mary & Val

Mary & her children, Bree, Taylor & Leslie
and now Mike. 

The chapel at night. Such a quaint, picturesque location.

I love you Leslie & I am so happy for you & Mike. May you always save the last dance for each other.
Leslie & Mike 


  1. mmmm.... Timmies Iced Cap... so enjoyable on a hot day! :)

    Lovely wedding!
    xo Catherine

  2. Love a wedding! Beginnings are always so lovely and full of promise.

    LOL on the Cat's comment...they pretend they don't notice us gone...but I'm sure they fret about the lack of service.

    Spoiled beasts.

    XX MomKat Trish