Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Advanced Style Film: trailer & classy cats

I really must find a jewellery box with a better latch.
"Thieves....all of them" but they got me thinking...

I would love to 'do lunch' with these ladies. I might take a 'fashion tip' from each one and end up with something I like. I always want to up the ante when it comes to shopping for clothes but seem to end up keeping it very tame. It would be fun though, don't ya think, to really shop outside the box. Take a moment and enjoy this. You gotta love em!  These ladies are beautiful and I take my hat off to them when I have a notion to actually wear one. Actually, that's almost never. Again.....boring.

I should take a hint from my cats. They have class and they know it.

Check out my give-away in my previous post. Good Luck!

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh Deb I love the kitties in your jewels! Just think at least they get worn now!! Hugs, Linda

  2. What stunning photo's.. They look gorgeous.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. I dress very safe and conservative I would live to dress more fashionably like the ladies in the videos. I'm sure I would never be able to carry it off like they do. Even your kitties are more fashionable and fancy than me! Your kitties look absolutely fabulous in your jewels. What sweethearts.

  4. I love the Advanced Style ladies. I look at what's in my closet and wonder!!! Kitties and bling ... a natural!

  5. Very a-mew-sing! Your ladies look darling in their jewels. They seem quite cooperative too. I don't think that would happen here. I wear a "uniform" basically. And I like never having to think about what to wear!

  6. I prefer the crown princess ! My cats when they are sleepy also accept that I put stuff on their heads, lol !