Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mix & Match china

Stay Calm & Put the Kettle on.

I love yellow & white tea-cups.

Mixing and matching cups and saucers makes a pretty display.
I found myself 'homing' a new one today. I was shopping for a jacket and somehow...some way...this came home with me, too.

This is Bone China, Hammersley & Co. Made in England.

I was tidying up and dusting since company is coming for the weekend.

It's hard not to start playing a bit.

Do you pick a colour scheme and then  mix up the patterns?
For company I will use my white dishes but I love drinking tea or coffee out of these lovelies.

I came across Calaus on my walk today.  He was very busy chasing shadows and gave me only a moment of his time.

Somehow, I think that is about all anyone gets from this guy.

Remember to leave a comment if you are interested in my give-away.
The little tea-cup is called Glengarry Thistle and it is made in England. It is in perfect condition.
Draw is Monday.
Good luck!

 hugs, Deb


  1. I love the yellow!
    Bailey's teapot went out today!

  2. You have some lovely tea cups!

  3. I love your idea of mix and match.

  4. These are so pretty & delicate.

    Thanks for popping by. We have three cats & one dog. They make us laugh a lot !

  5. I love to mix and match ... the whole house is mix and match!! :D :D And, I love yellow. Great new cup. (I also love aqua ....!!!!)....

  6. You have a wonderful collection. Our little cottage is filled with mix and match. Your new set is really lovely and I can see why it just had to go home with you.

    Have a very nice weekend with your company.


  7. That Glengarry thistle cup would be very popular out here in Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry! :)
    Have a GREAT day, Deb!

  8. I love how you play with your pretty dishes and especially your teacups! hugs, Linda

  9. Have a delicious weekend, Deb!

  10. Your teacups are so pretty - and yellow is such a cheery color. It makes you smile!


  11. Hi darling, I love your teacups, I can see why it had to come home with you, love the tray they're sitting on.. Kitty is adorable.. hugs ~lynne~

  12. Exquisite kitty! Knows he's handsome, doesn't he.

    I am only doing mix and match with my tea things since you introduced it to us. Now, when I set with all matching cups and saucers, it looks old fashioned in a dowdy, dull way. Kind of like an old prissy lady with no imagination. The variety gives it a more vibrant, creative, and younger flair.

  13. You always have the prettiest tea cups! Of course, there is always room for one more. :)
    xo Catherine

  14. Hey catlover!
    I live in the distric of dishes/china of Sweden called Rörstrands fabric ( Ittala) in Lidköping, Västergötland. I will send you some lovely pictures from my old dishes when I have photographed some!

  15. I only have one cup and saucer that my Aunt gave me when I was little and the cup is Apricot Rose Gladstone and the saucer is Glengarry Thistle. I hope to collect a few special cups and saucers because they really create a gentle mood and an elegant setting. I worked in a consignment store and we had a glass tower of different cup and saucer mates, and I'd often admire them and arrange them. I've enjoyed your site being both a lover of beauty and cats.