Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer prepping

Every sun-puddle in our home is discovered sooner or later.

The temperature is cooler today so walking Kane was a joy. I'm not a fan of high humidity.
We put the screen addition on the deck so we will have a place to enjoy barbeques without bugs bothering us. Love that. The cats can enjoy it, too without any chance of them wandering away. 
Audrey...well, we do have a 'climbing screen' problem with her. I'm not sure if she is ready for the deck yet. It only takes one moth.

I saw a sweet face looking down on us on our walk this morning.

Made my day!
hugs, Deb


  1. I love how our kittehs find those sun puddles too..have a great weekend.;)

  2. The sun puddles here were followed as well.
    Um I probably shouldn't tell you this but about 10 minutes after you left the girls meandered down the stairs "Ah did i hear the treat bag a-shakin?"

  3. That window kitty is gorgeous! "climbing screen problem" - i like that! Amazing what you can do with claws, it's like walking up the wall!

  4. Hey!
    What a wonderful blog. And you as me love cats. Though I have a small Papillon dog I am equaly in love with both creatuers.My latest cat now lives at an farm and have a good life.A better life thuogh I live near citystreets and other dangerous things. I am looking forward to hear and see more from your lovely home! Best whises from
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  5. Yep, us cats are like sun puddle magnets!

  6. Heheheheh! Here is very cold and the cats also find places where there is sun to warm up! Kisses!

  7. Aw, that really is such a sweet face! I just adore that silly Audrey.

  8. I have a daughter named Audrey. She is named after my mother. Lovely to have a screened in porch. I bet those kitties love laying out there. Thanks for linking up today. Happy Sunday!!

  9. I don't blame the cats for gravitating to the ray of sunshine. I would too.
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice